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hey everyone!
here´s an overview over all our classes and open gym times!
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Niki | Hatha Yoga Coach

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Niki Benac is a yoga teacher, blogger and founder of the blog, Yoganiki. She teaches and practices classic Hatha Yoga according to the teachings of Swami Sivananda.
The aim of her yoga classes is to provide a balance to the CrossFit-Workouts, to combine CrossFit-Training with the practice of yoga. Since yoga is a compliment to CrossFit-Training, it’s important for Nikki to communicate with the Cross-Fit coaches. 

Niki was trained by Anandaprema and Parameshvara Mario Esposito. She regularly attends workshops for yoga teachers in order to further her education and she organizes yoga classes focused on coping with stress. She also teaches yoga in various studios and at various companies. She is practicing and teaching an integral yoga with Asanas (yoga-positions), the art of Pranayama (breathing-techniques), Yoga Nidra (the sleep of the yogi-deep relaxation techniques), and the nutrition of yogis.

Her yoga classes take place every Sunday at 1200 and are highly recommended.

For more information and to register for Nikki’s class, write to:

Vinyasa Yoga | Power Yoga Class

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Come find out the difference between yoga, and what you’ve been doing and calling yoga. Come join Chris Kourtinatos for a vinyasa-based mix of kick-your-asana power flow sequences, strengthening arm balances, and deep stretches for a complete body experience!
Join our popular Vinyasa Yoga Class with Coach Chris.
Chris is offering this class on weekends, for more informations, when the next one takes place, please wirte to:

Vinyasa Yoga Sonntag | Sunday | 18 Oktober

Chris Yoga

Hallo Zusammen!
[english version below]

Wir laden Euch herzlich zu einer zusätzlichen Vinyasa Yoga Stunde am Sonntag mit Chris Kourtinatos, den 18.Oktober um 12:00Uhr.
Am besten ihr bringt euere Freunde und Verwandte mit, denn es Bedarf keiner Vorkentnisse um mitzumachen.
Ebenfalls nehmt Euere Yoga Matten mit, falls vorhanden, falls nicht, haben wir Matten für Euch zur Verfügung.

Kosten (wie üblich):

  • Gold Mitglieder: kostenfrei
  • Basic Mitgleider: 5€
  • Drop Ins: 10€


Hey all,
we would like to announce an additional Vinyasa Yoga Class on 18.Oktober at 1200.

Class fee will be the same as usual:

  • free for all CFA Gold members
  • 5 Euro for Basic members
  • 10 Euro for Drop-ins

Yoga is a great way to improve Flexibility, Mobility, Balance, Strength, Breathing, Regeneration, trains several Movement Patterns and helps to integrate all the separate body parts into a smoothly running powerful “machine”.

About Chris:
Chris Kourtinatos, is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. He combines three decades of practice along with over two decades of group fitness and outdoor leadership experience into his teaching. His signature style is an ashtanga-inspired mix infused with humor, kick-your-asana power flow sequences, and longer stretches for a deep opening of the body . Chris was trained by master teachers Doug Swenson, David Swenson, and Tias Little (to name a few). He currently teaches at various studios in Germany, as well as teaching workshops and events around Europe. He is also an avid skier, rock and ice climber, mountaineer, and adventurer. Chris is a 22 year veteran of the US Army and has deployed to Iraq and Sudan.

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