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The Box – March 7, 2013

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Welcome to “The Box,” our way to regularly communicate with you to share the latest information. If you have any suggestions for “The Box,” talk to Tammy, Mike or one of the coaches to share your ideas! We want to hear from you…

The last couple of weeks have been busy at the box. The CFA staff have been meeting often to talk about how to improve our gym, bringing on new Level 1s to shadow coaches and to prepare for the CrossFit Games Open 2013.


For many of us who love CrossFit, the year truly begins in March. It begins when that first WOD is announced and the anticipation begins. This year, CFA wanted to make an event out of the Open WODs. Every Saturday, starting March 9th, the Open WODs will be held at the box from 10:30 am onwards. It’s hard to determine how long the WODs will take. At present, CFA has 27 members signed up to participate in the Open! We are proud of this and hope that the members who are not signed up to compete can contribute something to support the team.

How can you support us? Every competitor needs cheerleaders. Encourage one of your coaches to finish the WOD and watch them as they are watching you each time you are doing your WOD. Bring a salad or something to contribute to the potluck that will be held every Saturday and bring your own meat to grill afterwards. We don’t intend to run off, we want to hang out after every WOD. Let’s grow our community! Can we count on you?


In March 2013, we changed the time of our first evening classes from Monday – Wednesday. We are now beginning at 17:00. While we were a little nervous that Monday’s class might either be empty or the participants late – it was incredible to walk in and see a full class! It looks like the 17:00 time will work out perfectly. Thanks to our members for being on time and participating.

During the Open, our Saturday WODs will begin at 09:00. This is to facilitate the Open WODs for the athletes. Because the Open WODs are announced on Thursday mornings in Europe, it is important that we create structure for the duration. If you are participating in the 09:00 WOD on Saturdays, please remember to be on time for that too. The class will be one hour in duration, not as long as our usual Saturday WODs but they will still challenge you!


Do you ever wonder who you should talk to about any concerns you have at the box? We’re making that easy! Here’s your “Who’s Who”:

Mike – Owner / Coach

You can talk to Mike about anything. He loves to hear your thoughts and feedback. With all the great changes we’ve had at the box in the last few months, I’m sure he’d be happy to hear how you like the new equipment etc.

Mike is working with Todd and Patrick on the overall WOD programming. If you have any feedback or questions about the WODs, please talk to Mike and let him know your concerns.

Tammy – Box Manager / Marketing / Photography

Questions about your contract? Feedback about the box? Questions about classes or any of the times? Ask Tammy. Tammy is also Mike’s backup when he’s not around. Tammy is behind Facebook and also posts on our website. Have you seen any of the photos we post? A lot of them are her work.

If you want to organize something with your work team to do a CrossFit event as “team building,” talk to Tammy about the prices and possibilities. We would love to host your gang for a soul crushing time at the box.

Nick – Head Coach / Lifting

Nick is the Head Coach at CFA. What does this mean exactly? Nick is behind the development of the coaching team and works hard to bring structure into the hour that you spend at the box. He works with the coaches to make sure they are comfortable in what they are coaching you on. If you have any feedback about the coaches, let Nick know – but let your coach know too.

Nick offers Personal Training classes to those who are interested in taking their fitness to the next level. Talk to Tammy if you’re interested.

Mary – Zen Planner & Admin

Not only is Mary a coach at the box, but she’s also behind Zen Planner and helps out with a lot of the administrative topics we have at the box. If you have trouble with your login or registering for a class, let Mary know and she can help you out.

Mary will be working with Sandy to create a strong Nutrition page for our website. Stay tuned for that coming in the near future!

Mary offers Personal Training and Nutrition classes to those who are interested in taking their fitness to the next level. Talk to Tammy if you’re interested.

Todd & Patrick – Programming Gurus

Todd and Patrick coach and program many of our soul crushing WODs. It seems easy to do, but believe me, a lot of planning goes into making sure your WODs meet your needs and challenge you.  If you have a specific movement you just love…why not talk to them or send them an email to ask if they’d add it into the programming?

CFA Coaching Staff

We have so many great coaches on our staff. Take some time to be coached by them and learn the different styles, techniques and cues they use to coach you through the movements. Ask questions and let them support you!

If you are a new member to the box, please do take a moment to introduce yourself to the coach if you haven’t met them yet. While our coaches do look out for new faces, sometimes we overlook it!

That’s it for this week! Time to move on to finalizing the plans for Saturday’s WOD 13.1.


Joe Lengel Tribute WOD – Saturday, February 23, 2013

Join CFA in a Tribute WOD on February 23rd for a “Fallen Angel of CrossFit” We would like to organize a potluck BBQ afterwards. Background and details can be found below:

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Joe Lengel  (December 22, 1954 – November 19, 2012)

Level 1 Certification for CrossFit Trainer
Qualified at 11th in the world for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit  Games 55-59 Master’s Division.
Finished in 6th place at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games 55-59 Master’s Division.
Qualified at 8th in the world for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games 55-59 Master’s Division.

“Joe” WOD

10 Rounds for time:
10 Thrusters 95/65lb
10 Bar Facing Burpees,
10 Pull Ups
57 Double Unders

What Can WE DO?

  1. Make time on February 23rd, wear your favorite CFA tshirt and participate in the “Joe” WOD.
  2. Bring something delicious (and Paleo) for the potluck afterwards.
  3. Donations are being collected to create the tribute quilt, so perhaps a $5.00 donation is also possible.
  4. Please feel free to write your thoughts for Joe in the comments below and we’ll make sure they are passed on.

Send Your Donation

(Please send your donation no later than February 16th)


In response to the article written in Tabata Times, CFA donated a shirt to support the creation of a quilt to honor Joe Lengel who was shot and killed November 19, 2012 while opening his CrossFit Gym. The idea of making a quilt is a wonderful gift to give the Toledo box and we are proud that our shirt will be a part of it! Quilt organizer and fellow CrossFitter, Kirsten Hyland, invited us to their Tribute WOD on February 23rd. Many boxes will be doing the same WOD on this day across USA.

I reached out to the amazing CrossFit boxes we all know here in Germany, one in USA and one in Canada asking them to participate and host the Tribute WOD on February 23rd at their boxes. The response is overwhelming! CrossFit Wiesbaden, CrossFit Ansbach, CrossFit Mainz, CrossFit Frankfurt, CrossFit Pickering – to name a few – have all agreed to host WODs. I love the CrossFit Community! Amazing people everywhere.

Tragic Details:

The following excerpt was borrowed from CrossFit Toledo Intensity Fitness.

“During the early hours of Monday, November 19th, an act of unspeakable violence took the life of our coach, Joe Lengel, as he was opening our box for the morning. Joe was the foundation of our CrossFit family, and we are all mourning the loss of a great man, father, grandfather, husband, mentor, and friend. Joe’s sons, Aaron and Matt, both avid CrossFitters, created a Hero WOD in honor of their father. It’s made up of movements that Joe loved and hated (in a good way). We ask that instead of mourning for Joe, you honor and celebrate his life on Saturday November 24 and join many others across the globe by completing the “Joe” Memorial WOD. We appreciate all the kind words from our CrossFit family.

Kinesio Tape/ Medical Tape Seminar in March

Hey CF Assault members,

Some of you have medical issues, especially with joints or muscles. Most of you know the “Kinesio Tape”  many athletes are wearing during training or competitions. The tape has different effects and can support you in many ways, such as:   stabilization, activating your muscles, increased blood flow and less swelling, can support most injuries and help improve your form.

The seminar will teach you to:

  • Learn how to tape yourself
  • Learn the effects of taping
  • Learn how to tape various parts of your body (elbow, knee, Achilles, calf, shoulder)

Kinesio tape will be available at the seminar, along with print outs for you to take home.

Cost: 40 – 50 Euro per person (based on registration of participants the cost can vary)

Dates: We would like to hold the seminar on one of the dates below:

  • March 9th or 10th
  • March 16th or 17th
  • March 23 or 24th

Please fill out the form below by the 24th of February to let us know if you are interested! Indicate which body parts you would like to learn how to tape in order to ensure the correct amount of supplies are ordered.

* * * *

Hallo CF Assault Mitglieder,

Einige von Euch haben medizinische Probleme oder Verletzungen vor allem mit  Muskeln oder Gelenken. Viele Sportler tragen im Training und vor allem bei Wettkämpfen „Kinesio Tapes“.  Das Tape unterstützt Verletzungen und Muskeln durch verschiedene Mechanismen (Stabilisierung, Durchblutungssteigerung, Lymphabfluss,…).

Wir wollen Euch die Möglichkeit geben zu erlernen wie man das Tape selber anlegt.

Ihr lernt die verschiedenen Materialien kennen, die Wirkung des Tapes, die Klebetechnik (z.B. für Ellbogen, Knie, Schulter, Achillessehen/Wade) und Ihr könnt es selber ausprobieren. Der Kurs beinhaltet das Material was wir benutzen und ein Skript. Zeitraum ca. 4 Stunden. Es wird einen Termin im März geben an einem Samstag oder Sonntag in der Box.

Der Preis für den Kurs ist abhängig von der Teilnehmeranzahl (ca. zwischen 40-50 Euro).

Meldet Euch wenn Ihr Interesse habt und schreibt bitte welche Gelenke/ Muskeln Euch interessieren!

Bitte fülle die Formular unten beim 24. Februar aus, damit wir wissen, ob du daran interessierst bist!

Schreibe das Datum auf, an dem du moechest (Optionen unten)

  •  9. oder10 März
  • 16. oder 17. März
  • 23. oder 24. März

Upcoming Intro and Fundamental Classes at CFA!


Saturday 19. January: 0830-1000




(please note that you may have to select “next” in the top left corner of the calendar to see the availability for next month)

Fundamental Sessions

The Fundamentals session will take place on:

Sunday, January 27 – 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm  (coach speaks English)

Fundamental classes are restricted to 8 participants. Book your session today!




More information can be found here

CrossFit Open 2013

The CrossFit Open 2013 is fast approaching! Take a look at the Rulebook prior to registering for the Open. CrossFit Assault Stuttgart will be running the Open WODs every Saturday from noon until completion of all athletes. Afterwards, we would like to host a BBQ to celebrate a successful day. All are encouraged to bring food and drinks! Even if you’re not participating in the Open, we need your support to cheer on the athletes competing this year!


Open WODs at CrossFit Assault Stuttgart (12 pm onwards):

  • Saturday, March 9th
  • Saturday March 16th
  • Saturday, March 23rd
  • Saturday, March 30th
  • Saturday, March 6th


If you are interested in judging the Open at CrossFit Assault Stuttgart, please send Tammy an email. All Judges must have Level 1. Please understand that Judges will have to pass an online course in order to judge the Open. More details will be found on the main CrossFit Page


Below is some relevant information for the Open:


The Open will run from Wednesday, March 6, 2013 through Sunday, April 7, 2013. There will be five workouts in the Open. One workout will be released during each of the five weeks.

1. Each workout will be released on Wednesday at 17:00 PST (GMT-8). Athletes will have 96 hours, until Sunday at 17:00 PST, to validly complete the workout and submit their results.

2. Once the workout closes on Sunday, an Athlete will not be able to adjust or re-submit any score for that workout.


There are 13 divisions for individual competitors and one division for Teams. There are no other recognized divisions beyond those listed.


i. Individual Men and Women

ii. Masters Men and Women 40-44 (Born on or between 7/15/68 and 7/14/73)

iii. Masters Men and Women 45-49 (Born on or between 7/15/63 and 7/14/68)

iv. Masters Men and Women 50-54 (Born on or between 7/15/58 and 7/14/63)

v. Masters Men and Women 55-59 (Born on or between 7/15/53 and 7/14/58)

vi. Masters Men and Women 60+ (Born on or before 7/14/53)

vii. Teams

Full Rulebook

18:00 WOD October 19th: Special Announcement

The official 2012 Men’s Fitness Challenge workout will be held during the 1800 class and is restricted to those who have officially registered for the competition.

Feel free to come by and cheer on your CrossFit Assault teammates during this time, but note that there will not be a regular workout for the 1800 class.  The first heat of five competitors begins at 17:30 with the last heat taking place at 20:00. There are many CFA Athletes competing, as well as some new faces.

Let’s fill up the box and have a great time cheering for our athletes!

There will be a BBQ afterwards – bring your own meat and come hang out with the gang!

PS. New CFA tshirts will be available for purchase Friday night!


Regular WOD: Friday, October 19th

Members – due to the Men’s Fitness Challenge, the regularly scheduled 1800 WOD will not take place.  However the 0600 & 0915 will continue as scheduled.  We apologize for any inconvenience and also invite you to cheer your fellow members on! A few of our coaches are competing! Coming to cheer?!

There will be a BBQ afterwards – bring your own meat and come hang out with the gang!

CrossFit Assault: New Membership Contract

On October 19, 2012, the offer to sign a new contract at the current conditions for our regular members will be finished. Please take the time to fill out your contract information for your membership.  It is important to have this completed asap! Sign it today!

Men’s Fitness Competition: Friday, October 19th

On Friday, the Men’s Fitness Challenge will take place. A lot of CrossFit Assault Stuttgart members have registered, as well as many people we’ve not yet had the pleasure to meet!  Please bring your friends and family! Cheering is a very important part of CrossFit! Good luck to all participants!
A few organizational topics are as follows:

1. Judges  & Volunteers – please be at the box at 16:30 for a briefing about the movements and how we will organize the event

2. Athletes – please be at the box at least 30 minutes prior to the time you will be competing. It is important that you receive the briefing about the movements to understand how the judges will score.

3. After-Competition BBQ – all are welcome to stay for a BBQ. Please bring your own meat for the grill / BBQ! Any salads would be welcome.

Please note – all children must stay in the Children’s Area to eat / drink. It would be best for the cleanliness of the box.

For any questions, please contact tammy(@)

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