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CANCELLATION: September 12th 19.00 WOD

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Today we have less than three members registered for the evening WOD. We have waited until the last minute to cancel the class due to our three hour policy for which members can sign up via Zen Planner.  We announced the launch of the evening classes and shared that classes with three or less will not be held. Our apologies to the member that registered.

More information about the structure of the late classes can be found here.

Today, the box will close at 19.00. If you have signed up for Open Gym, please understand that the 18.00 WOD has equipment priority.

Thanks for your understanding.

CFA Team


CFA Survey: Initial Management Feedback (August 2013)

The purpose of the recent CFA Survey has been to collect information from our members about their experience and overall thoughts of the box. While not all members have responded to the survey, we appreciate the responses we have received so far.

The main categories of interest for our members, at this time, are:

  1. Facilities / Equipment
  2. CFA Team
  3. CF Goals, Programming & Community

Since its inception, CFA has been lucky enough to continue its growth. The old box had approximately 40 – 50 active members. In the current box we have well over 100 active members. We have more than doubled in member growth and in the size of our location in the last year. We couldn’t have done this without you, your love for CrossFit and your determination to reach your fitness goals day by day.

We would like to offer some feedback to the areas of the survey where we have information or action can be taken.

Facilities / Equipment
52% of our members have a good experience when they are at the box. This is good news for us to hear. At the same time, there are areas the members feel more attention must be given.

Toilets – There were two functioning toilets at the box. We currently have one that works and one that is not. The one that is no longer in order has been blocked four times within a short time frame due to sanitary products and food being flushed. The piping cannot handle this type of waste and has blocked too often. Until we can find a solution with the building owner, the toilet needs to be closed for use.  Jenny has been able to utilize the room for massage and our members can use this room to change. For the time being, the second toilet will remain closed until a suitable solution is found.

Please do not change in the bathroom / toilet that is working. This will help to alleviate the current need for two if we could have one bathroom as the massage / change room and the other strictly used as a toilet.

Showers – Our facilities are not set up for the installation of showers. We have explored the installation of a shower but it is not feasible at this time.

Equipment – CFA has been increasing its equipment inventory on a regular basis since moving into the current location. We will be ordering new 20kg mens bars and increasing the amount of wall balls.

CFA will also be re-implementing the ‘no dropping the bar’ rule which was in place at the old box. This rule will apply in the WODs, Open Gym, BBC and any other program at the box. The more care we take of our equipment, the longer it will last.

96% of our members feel that CFA tailors the WODs to meet their needs. 79% feel comfortable providing feedback to CFA.

CFA wants your feedback. If you feel that you cannot communicate with your coach directly, please talk to one of the staff you feel you can confide in. We do take the time to listen and take action where possible. There will always be personality conflicts that cannot be solved by CFA, but objective feedback is always welcome. If you are truly not able to talk to one of the staff about your topic, it is possible to submit anonymous feedback through the form below. This is not something we would like to do because it is important for us to talk to you and understand what your needs or concerns are.

CFA Goals, Programming & Community
 – Some of the feedback in the survey mentioned that members are not sure what the goals of CFA are. The main goal of CFA is to support our members in reaching you goals, whether it’s your first pull up, muscle up, being faster, fitter, or perfecting your form on Olympic lifts. Over the next weeks, we will be working to help you with setting single gymnastic, endurance and lifting goals. It will be your job to achieve the goal, but CFA will be there to help you get it.

Have you seen the board that Coach Nick and Coach Patrick B set up for you? Write down your goals and achieve them. Write down your goal and get it! Monte wrote down his goal and, with the help of TJ, he achieved the goal on the same day!

Programming – CFA rotates the programming. Last year, we had Jason Salfen who programmed WODs to get us better at double unders and increase our strength. Todd focused on strength and metcons while Patrick focused a lot on endurance followed by strength. The benefit of varied programming is that our members are able to achieve new goals. Currently, Don is programming WODs for CFA. If you have feedback for Don, please be open and talk with him to ask if your ideas or wishes can be incorporated into WODs. If you are unable to talk to him directly, use the anonymous feedback form at the bottom of this post to write your concerns. They will be forwarded appropriately.

Class Sizes – Zen Planner is our current scheduling program. All members, coaches included, need to register for their WOD through Zen Planner. The maximum participants allowed in each WOD is 15, except for the weekend WOD. This is for your safety and to receive the best possible coaching during your WOD. Please understand that if you haven’t registered you may be asked to come to a later WOD. Filling class registration in Zen Planner also helps the box to gain the overview as to which evenings we need to add more classes to our offerings.

Open Gym – One of the benefits by the Gold Memberships is the ability to have “open gym” at the box. This means that members can work on lifting or work on their deficits in addition to participating in regularly scheduled WODs. Some feedback received showed concerns about the type of athletes that CFA has. Some members feel that they would like to improve in a certain area and focus on that, taking advantage of Open Gym to do that. We have some members and coaches who would like to move towards being Performance Athletes which means that not only do they do one or two WODs per day, they are using Open Gym to get their entire workout completed.

CFA will be revisiting the best way to combine regular WODs and Open Gym in order to meet the needs of our members.

Do you need to upgrade your membership from Basic to Gold in order to take advantage of Open Gym? Fill out the form below for more information.

Additional Programs – The BBC is a program offered by CFA for our members to improve their Oly Lifts. The “Comp Team” has been organized by Mary and is not a program offered by CFA. Mary is trying to support members who want to compete more.  CFA has not officially approached the idea of having a team go to CrossFit Regionals, although we encourage any member who strives to do this.

Additional Classes – in response to your needs, both in the survey and through talking to the CFA team, we have added two later evening classes to see if it helps the class size challenges we are currently facing. Please refer to the post regarding the upcoming changes at CFA for further information on the class days, times and registration.

Community – Community is one of the topics that has been raised as a concern by the members. CrossFit is a community of like-minded people working out together and cheering together. We will admit that it has been more difficult to bring the box together for BBQs as we have in the past and we will work on bringing our community together in the future.

Thank you!

If you haven’t already filled out the survey, take a few moments to do so today!

You don’t need to fill out the survey to offer feedback to the box. Feel free to add your feedback below. It is anonymous. If you need a response, please write your name and email address at the end of your comment so that we may better respond.



We would like to bring to your attention some upcoming changes at the box:

  1. Test run of additional WOD classes
  2. Open Gym Times

Additional WOD Classes

We would like to run a test for the next few weeks to offer two additional evening classes which Coach Nick will run. The classes will be available on Zen Planner for you to register. Please understand that if there are three or less participants, the class will not take place.

  • Tuesdays – 19.30 (August 20th & 27th)
  • Thursdays – 19.00 (August 22nd & 29th)

Open Gym Times

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will need to modify how Open Gym runs and the times.

  1. Members must register for Open Gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zen Planner
  2. Open Gym Tuesdays: 16.00 – 17.00 and 19.00 – 21.00
  3. Open Gym Thursdays: 18.00 – 20.30

If you are participating in Open Gym when a WOD is taking place please remember the following:

  1. Noise levels: keep noise to a minimum so the class can be conducted with minimal interruption
  2. Equipment: if the equipment is required for a WOD, the coach will need to ask you for it
  3. Open Gym Workout Area: Please workout in the weight room or the back room where the additional racks are located. If you need to use the pull up cage, please talk to the coach running the WOD and make sure your workout and the WOD can work well together

There are quite a few Gold Members who do have their own workout schedules / programs in addition to participating in the regular WODs and it might seem overwhelming what they are working on or the intensity at which they are training. If you’re curious…ask your fellow member what he/ she is working on. One of the amazing things about CrossFit or Weight Lifting is talking about what you do. Learn from each other and see how you could benefit from adding one or two Open Gym evenings into your workouts!

If these additional classes are successful, CFA will be looking to add them on a regular basis.

Please feel free to let us know what you think!

CFA Management

August Intro & Fundamentals

Coach Nick will be running August’s Intro & Fundamentals classes:

Intro: Wednesday, August 14th @ 19.30 Uhr / 7:30 pm

Fundamentals: Sunday, August 18th @ 12:00 pm

More information can be found here

Spots are filling fast! Reserve yours today!

Nordic Showdown 2013 – October 19th and 20th in Stockholm

Event Info

On the 19-20th of october some of the fittest men and women will compete for top spots in the fifth consecutive competition held yearly in Stockholm by CrossFit Nordic and presented by Reebok.

Last year the 300 spots sold out in two weeks! This year though we will bring the field down to 150 athletes and ad an online qualifier starting september 2nd. We want the best from all over Europe and beyond if possible. We want quality. We want commitment! But all are welcome to take a shot at securing one of the spots!

Men individual 55 spots
Women individual 55 spots
Masters 40+ 10 men, 10 women
Masters 50+ 5 men, 5 women

Allstar programming team
We have an allstar international programming team dedicated to bring you challenging, fun and spectator friendly events:
Martin Altemark, Matthew Evans, Federico Biasetti, Ben Bergeron, Karl Steadman, Jess Hviid Skov, Rickard Walén, & Mads Jacobsen.

Who can compete?
All are welcome to try to qualify through the online qualifier.

The event will be held att Sätra Friidrottshall, Stockholm, Sweden on saturday and sunday the 19-20th of october. Registration will take place on friday the 18th.
The online qualifier will start september 2nd.

Sign up for the online qualifier (link not up yet)
Place top 55 for individuals, for masters it’s top 10 in each gender group for 40+ and top 5 in 50+ group, and receive invitation to compete in Stockholm.
Show up for registration and it’s game on!

2013 CrossFit Open

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The 2013 CrossFit Open is right around the corner. Many of us are excited as the first WOD release approaches. This year, we are proud that we have so many of our members and coaches participating. If you’ve not yet signed up and wish to…there is still time!

Register here

CFA will be holding the CrossFit Open WODs every Saturday as an “event.” This is so great for our community! While it will be a long day for everyone, it’s going to be a lot of fun for us to work together.


From March 9th to Saturday April 6th, all Saturday WODs will start at 9:00 am instead of 10:30 am. This is to support the athletes participating in the Open.


Even if you’ve not registered for the Open, we need your support! There is a lot to do to make this work and we’d love to have your support. If you can help, contact the member of the team below or fill out the form at the end of this post.

Contact People:

Event Lead & Organization: Tammy
Head Judge & Organization: Nick
Potluck: Mai
Clean Up Crew: Grace & Tina
Equipment Setup: Marco & Don
Children / Babysitting: Tammy
Cheering Squad: EVERYONE @ CFA!!

Some important information:

  1. Saturday WODs will start at 9 am and complete by 10 am. It is important that the area required for the Open is vacated immediately to allow the volunteers the opportunity to set up. Volunteers from the Saturday WOD to help set up the athlete area would be appreciated.
  2. Dedicated Athlete / Judges Area: The actual WOD will determine where the athlete / judges areas are. We will be switching between the “stretching / martial arts area” and the “original weight area.” We will announce the Athlete / Judges area on the Friday prior to the Saturday WOD.
  3. Judges and Athletes need to be at the box starting at 9:30 am for the briefing of movements and any important information they need to have prior to beginning the WOD. The athletes will then have time to warm up.  To get into the rotation of when you will WOD, it will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis for the “heat” lists. Tammy will have the lists.
  4. Volunteers for equipment set up will need to start during the time the Judges and athletes are reviewing information.
  5. Spectators: we are happy to have as many spectators as possible at the event. They must stay in the designated areas and not interfere in the areas for the athletes. Children will be in a designated area with supervision.

Children’s Rules:

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS for the CrossFit Games Open

Gym Rules for the Box apply. In addition, the following will be in effect.

  1. CFA will provide a competent familiar person to oversee the children in the designated “Children’s Area.”
  2. This person will keep the children in the correct area and report any issues to the parent or guardian who must deal immediately with the issue at hand.
  3. If you would like to bring your child(ren) to CFA during the Games there will be a 10 Euro per family per Saturday charge as compensation / sitting fee.
  4. Please provide your child with adequate forms of entertainment to last the duration of your stay, i.e. video games, books, movie player, non-messy arts like coloring, puzzles, etc.
  5. Children are not permitted to be in the designated athlete / judges areas during the Open. It is important that parents / guardians review the rules and expected behavior with their children prior to the events.

Upcoming Intro and Fundamental Classes at CFA!


Saturday 19. January: 0830-1000




(please note that you may have to select “next” in the top left corner of the calendar to see the availability for next month)

Fundamental Sessions

The Fundamentals session will take place on:

Sunday, January 27 – 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm  (coach speaks English)

Fundamental classes are restricted to 8 participants. Book your session today!




More information can be found here

RCFFC 2012 – Nadine Leinweber & Nadine Moore in the top 5!

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September 15, 2012

What an amazing day! The energy was high at Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg. The judges were happy to meet and greet again when we arrived 1.5 hours before the athletes were scheduled to arrive. Our very own Mike Strauch and Don Mc Cutchen agreed to judge as well. As the athletes arrived, we were saying our hellos and getting ready to start the event. We had time to chat with each other and talk about things like CrossFit, CrossFit and um more CrossFit.

As the WODs were announced, the athletes were pumped and ready to go. Starting with Cindy and ending with grueling couplets these athletes were hungry for success. There were smiles through achieving new PRs and pride in finishing the WODs. All competing athletes succeeded in the very first RCFFC. I hope to see many of them again next year!

Nadine Leinweber’s mom and best friends joined her while Nadine Moore’s friend brought her kids  and brother to watch the competition. Monte Fletcher and his youngest, Sandra, Adrian, Tina & Daniel joined in the crowd and cheered for our gals as they fought through each WOD with professionalism and strength.

It was an amazing day and we are proud to say that Nadine Moore was in 5th place and Nadine Leinweber claimed 1st place. Congratulations ladies! You were and continue to be amazing! What an inspiration for our box!


WOD June 26, 2012


Spent 15 minutes practicing Double Unders – for those that can perform the movement Rx, attempt to find max unbroken reps and/or max reps in 2 Minutes.


For Time:


Plyo Push Ups (20kg plates/15kg plates)
Ring Rows

Post total time.

Scale 1:

One of the following options:
Regular Push Ups
Ring Rows from the ground

Scale 2:

Both of the following options:
Regular or Knee Push Ups
Ring Rows from the ground


0600 – Patrick
0915 – Mary
1730 – Abi & Corbin
1830 – Todd

Don’t forget to sign up for your classes!

Questions about Class Registration / Sign up? Please Click Here

Coach’s Quote of the Day:

“Tyranny of the Clock”

Double Under Champs (Guys):
Corbin @ 187
Patrick @ 187 (PR) – way to go!
Stephan @ 103
 Double Under Champs (Gals):
Nadine L @ 185
Michele @ 172
Bethany @ 132
The WOD (Rx):
Patrick @ 3:46
Dave @ 4:17
Oliver @ 4:28
Nadine L @ 3:23 (added a 20 kg plate to the mix for extra fun)
Nadine M @ 4:50
Mary @ 8:40

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