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Chocolate PB Protein Truffles available for pre-order

IMG_1650Hello CFA!

CHOCOLATE PB Protein Truffle Time!

I will be working in conjunction with Jade to sell her delicious protein truffles in the Stuttgart area.

You can choose to have the truffles rolled in toasted coconut, raw cacao powder, oats, almonds, or walnuts.

The prices for the truffles are:
12 pieces for 18€
24 pieces for 30€
36 pieces for 42€

All you need to do is bring a container to the box (from Monday-Friday), with your name and order in it. I will fill your order and return it on Saturday (or the next time I am in the box).

A portion of the profits will go to fund Jade’s CrossFit Level 1!!

*These are not paleo and contain peanut butter.

If you’d like an almond butter or sunbutter batch, please add 1€ to the posted prices. Protein content and nutrition information will vary based on protein powder brand availability and topping chosen.


Sleep or Die

Great post (on Facebook) from Coach Patrick!

Lack of Sleep Infographic

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