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Weightlifting Clinic

Interested in improving your Snatch and Clean & Jerk? This is the perfect opportunity for you to work on your form, lift and strength in a clinic which is dedicated to weightlifting only.


Thursdays from 19:00 – 20:00 in January and February (starting January 10th)


  1. January: Snatch (4 Thursdays)
  2. February:  Clean and Jerk (4 Thursdays)


Todd- CF OLY cert

Nick- USAW L1


15€ per athlete for each month to be paid at first class of each month sign up in advance via Zen Planner

Athlete’s Responsibility:

  • Athletes should arrive 15 minutes prior to the clinic and perform their own warm up. The clinic will provide little to no warm up as to maximize time on the lifts.
  • Athletes need to sign up in Zen Planner
  • Attend every class for each lift as they are tied together

Snatch your spot today!

Please understand that if the classes are too big, there will be an additional time slot added.


WOD June 27, 2012


For time:

Bear Complex (43kg/28kg)*

Chest to Bar Pullups

* Bear Complex:  1 Rep = 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat, 1 push press

Post Total Time.

Scale 1:

One or both of the following options:
Bear Complex @ 38kg/23kg
Regular Pull Ups

Scale 2:

One or both of the following options:
Bear Complex @ less than 38kg/23kg
Banded Pull Ups


0600 – Imran
0915 – Nadine
1730 – Mary
1830 – Abi & Corbin

Don’t forget to sign up for your classes!

Questions about Class Registration / Sign up? Please Click Here

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