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Thrive with Personally-Tailored Training and Programming by Coach Mary


CrossFit offers constantly varied, high intensity programming for most to achieve health and functional fitness goals. However, if you have specific weight, strength, fitness, or movement goals you need a more personal approach.

I am accepting personal clients who are looking to achieve their individual goals and turn intention into reality.

Service options are one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Individual Assessment – May include VO2 max test, body composition measurement, muscular imbalance identification, strength assessment, and a plan for improvement.

  • Nutrition Counseling – Could be analyzing food journals, suggesting calorie intake, help fueling for specific performance or aesthetic goals, or general advice for healthier eating

  • One-on-One Personal Training – Hourly sessions are available to address anything that needs improvement by providing the individual attention not available in a group class setting.

  • Programming – Have monthly, tailored programs prepared to meet your goals and choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly one-on-one sessions to assess movement, encourage feedback, and make sure the program continues in the desired direction. This includes daily availability via email/phone

 We will work together to balance and improve your overall health and fitness.

Spots are limited and prices vary based on the service(s) selected.

Contact me for details: / 0172-535-5417

*Individual results may vary 😉

Results May Vary


Countdown to the CFA 2013 Lifestyle Challenge – starting in 7 days………

The CFA (Crossfit Assault) Lifestyle Challenge isn’t about following the latest trend. It is about YOU!  Only you have the POWER to make good lifestyle choices.  Join us on 2 Feb and will we discuss – good food, sleep and fitness. Basic items, but pretty important to a superior quality of life.
The Challenge is open to both CFA members and non-members. While centered on a Paleolithic diet (Paleo or Whole-30), the overall intent of the Challenge is to help YOU find your optimum mix of diet, exercise and sleep to achieve maximum fitness gains. You will be partnered with an experienced “challenger” and provided with resources to help you get on your way.
Additional resources:
2 February 2013 – Meet and greet; information meeting at Crossfit Assault. We will begin at approx 11:45 am right after the completion after the 10:30 WOD (workout of the day). Meet your partner/team, learn tips on how to “challenge” your eating, sleep habits, and overall lifestyle. Pre-challenge body measurements will be taken to provide a starting point to help gauge your progress.
4 Feb 2013 – Challenge begins!  Pre challenge benchmark WOD (workout of the day) – We will choose one you can do anywhere!! The before and after Challenge results from this workout will help you gauge your progress.
2 and 4 March: Post-challenge body measurements taken at Crossfit Assault to help gauge your progress.
4 March 2013 – Challenge completed. Post-challenge benchmark WOD (workout of the day).
4 – 15 March – results tallied
16 March – Winners announced
Interested or just curious???
Join us on 4 Feb, but first please send us a little bit about yourself to prior to 3 Feb assist in the registration process:
In the subject line include:  CFA Lifestyle “your name”
 Are you a Crossfit Assault member? y/n
 Would you like to be? y/n
Is this your first CFA Lifestyle/”Paleo” Challenge? y/n
If you are currently /or have previously followed Paleo/Whole 30/ 21day Sugar Detox eating habits would you be willingly to partner with  “beginners” for our 30-day Challenge. y/n
Food plan choice – choose one: ___             You can also wait until the 2 Feb “meet and greet” to choose
1)     Paleo (** my suggestion for beginners).
2)     Whole30
See you on 2 Feb ~ 11:45am, Crossfit Assault, vor dem Lauch 22, 70567 Möhringen Fasanenhof, 70567 70567 Möhringen70567 MöhringenDE

Sleep or Die

Great post (on Facebook) from Coach Patrick!

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