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2013 CrossFit Open

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The 2013 CrossFit Open is right around the corner. Many of us are excited as the first WOD release approaches. This year, we are proud that we have so many of our members and coaches participating. If you’ve not yet signed up and wish to…there is still time!

Register here

CFA will be holding the CrossFit Open WODs every Saturday as an “event.” This is so great for our community! While it will be a long day for everyone, it’s going to be a lot of fun for us to work together.


From March 9th to Saturday April 6th, all Saturday WODs will start at 9:00 am instead of 10:30 am. This is to support the athletes participating in the Open.


Even if you’ve not registered for the Open, we need your support! There is a lot to do to make this work and we’d love to have your support. If you can help, contact the member of the team below or fill out the form at the end of this post.

Contact People:

Event Lead & Organization: Tammy
Head Judge & Organization: Nick
Potluck: Mai
Clean Up Crew: Grace & Tina
Equipment Setup: Marco & Don
Children / Babysitting: Tammy
Cheering Squad: EVERYONE @ CFA!!

Some important information:

  1. Saturday WODs will start at 9 am and complete by 10 am. It is important that the area required for the Open is vacated immediately to allow the volunteers the opportunity to set up. Volunteers from the Saturday WOD to help set up the athlete area would be appreciated.
  2. Dedicated Athlete / Judges Area: The actual WOD will determine where the athlete / judges areas are. We will be switching between the “stretching / martial arts area” and the “original weight area.” We will announce the Athlete / Judges area on the Friday prior to the Saturday WOD.
  3. Judges and Athletes need to be at the box starting at 9:30 am for the briefing of movements and any important information they need to have prior to beginning the WOD. The athletes will then have time to warm up.  To get into the rotation of when you will WOD, it will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis for the “heat” lists. Tammy will have the lists.
  4. Volunteers for equipment set up will need to start during the time the Judges and athletes are reviewing information.
  5. Spectators: we are happy to have as many spectators as possible at the event. They must stay in the designated areas and not interfere in the areas for the athletes. Children will be in a designated area with supervision.

Children’s Rules:

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS for the CrossFit Games Open

Gym Rules for the Box apply. In addition, the following will be in effect.

  1. CFA will provide a competent familiar person to oversee the children in the designated “Children’s Area.”
  2. This person will keep the children in the correct area and report any issues to the parent or guardian who must deal immediately with the issue at hand.
  3. If you would like to bring your child(ren) to CFA during the Games there will be a 10 Euro per family per Saturday charge as compensation / sitting fee.
  4. Please provide your child with adequate forms of entertainment to last the duration of your stay, i.e. video games, books, movie player, non-messy arts like coloring, puzzles, etc.
  5. Children are not permitted to be in the designated athlete / judges areas during the Open. It is important that parents / guardians review the rules and expected behavior with their children prior to the events.


OPEN GYM: March 1, 2013

CF Gang

What better way to start off the CrossFit Open month than with “Open Gym!”

On March 1st from 2 pm – 5 pm, Tina will be at the box. If you would like to come in to do tomorrow’s WOD during that time, please feel free. Tina will also support the members with coaching for the lifts.

If you have time, why not come in and get warm!

Hope to see you!

WOD | Friday, March 1, 2013

_MG_0071 (2)

© Tammy St. Denis Photography

CrossFit Football Total:


In three attempts establish a new 1 Rep Max in the following lifts:


Power Clean


Bench Press


You can take as many warm up sets as necessary, but you must “Call Your Weight” to begin.  In other words you should not do a lift and then go oh that was light so it was a warm up.

Lifts should be done in sequence. If class size is too large to get through all four then coach can break the class up between the lifts.

Score is the total of the 1RM established in each lift.


0600 –

0915 – Nadine

1800 – Mike

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WOD | Thursday, February 28, 2013

430554_384685618211261_1005248722_n© Tammy St. Denis Photography

Strength Beginners:


High Bar Back Squat



(same weight for each set, perfect form)

Add 2,5kg / 1kg more than last time


Bench Press



(same weight for each set, perfect form)

Add 1kg / .5 kg from last time.

Write down your weight in your notebook.

Strength Advanced:

High Bar Back Squat



Bench Press







Run 400 meters then rest. Rest period is the length of time that it took you to run 400 meters.


Row 4x500m



0600 – Merlin

0915 – Tina

1800 – Mike

1900 OLY Clinic This Week with Nick and Todd

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WOD | Wednesday, February 27, 2013

_MG_0219© Tammy St. Denis Photography



Spend 20 minutes on the rings practicing any or all of the following:

Muscle Ups

Ring Dips

Ring Push Ups

Ring Hand Stands

Ring Hand Stand Push Ups

Use this time to work on your weaknesses and attempt as many of the movements as possible.  For those that attempt Ring Hand Stands or Ring Hand Stand Push Ups, ensure that you have a mat underneath you and you MUST use a spotter at all times.



“Rowing Fran”



Thrusters (43/30Kg)

Row for Calories

Due to limited number of rowers use heats and cycle athletes through the WOD while having the remainder continue working on skills.

Scale 1:

Thrusters (38/25Kg)

Scale 2:

Thrusters AHAP


0600 – Nick

0915 – Mary

1030-1130 Open Gym

1130-1230- Mary

1730 – Nadine

1830 – Tina

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WOD | Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Strength Beginners:




1 x 5

(use as many warm-up sets as you need, then do one very heavy set of 5 reps…reps should be touch-and-go).

Weight is +5 kg / +2,5 kg from last week

Write down your weight in your notebook.

Strength Advanced:


Deadlift from 4″ deficit *


3 RM

*set up a platform 4″ tall and stand on the platform pulling a deadlift for 3 reps



3 Rounds*:

40 Seconds of one arm KB Thrusters (24/16 Kg)**

Rest 20 seconds

40 Seconds of Strict Pull Ups

Rest 20 Seconds

40 Seconds of KB Snatch (24/16Kg)**

Rest 20 Seconds

40 Seconds of Mountain Climbers

Rest 20 Seconds

*Score is total reps

**Can switch arms as necessary




KB Thrusters/Snatch (20/12kg)

Banded Pull Ups

Scale 2:

KB Thrusters/Snatch (16/8kg)

Jumping Pull Ups


0600 – Merlin

0915 –  Nadine

 1730 –  Mike

1830 – Don

Coaches Notes:

Emphasize perfect form on the Deadlift! A loss of lumbar curve is NOT acceptable.  For new members who have not done Power Cleans yet have them try 50% of BW and adjust based on coach’s assessment.

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WOD | Monday, February 25, 2013


Strength Beginners:

High Bar Back Squat



(same weight for each set, perfect form)

 Add 2,5 kg / 1kg to the weight used last time

Shoulder Press



(same weight for each set, perfect form)

Add 1 kg / .5 kg to the weight used last time

Write down your weight in your notebook.

Strength Advanced:


Overhead Squat


1 RM

Push Press


1 RM



“Deadman’s Hand”:


Using the deck of card provided by Tina the Coach will turn over the Top Card and call out the exercise for the athletes as follows:

Hearts = Mountain Climbers

Spades = Squats

Diamonds = Sit Ups

Clubs = Push Ups

Jokers = 15 Burpees

Face Cards =10

Aces = 11

Numbered cards denote the number of that exercise to be performed.





0600 – Todd

0915 –  Tina

1730 –  Mary

1830 –  Don

Coaches Notes:

Emphasize perfect form (knees in line with feet, weight on heels, straight back, crease of the hip below top of the knee, etc). Don’t get carried away and increase the weight by more than the prescribed amount just because you are able to lift it. This program works because athletes have the time to get their bodies to adjust to a gradually increasing weight while working on their form. It takes time to work, but even a 1 kg increase per week results in 52 kg in one year.



Don’t forget to sign up for your classes!

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Weightlifting Clinic

Interested in improving your Snatch and Clean & Jerk? This is the perfect opportunity for you to work on your form, lift and strength in a clinic which is dedicated to weightlifting only.


Thursdays from 19:00 – 20:00 in January and February (starting January 10th)


  1. January: Snatch (4 Thursdays)
  2. February:  Clean and Jerk (4 Thursdays)


Todd- CF OLY cert

Nick- USAW L1


15€ per athlete for each month to be paid at first class of each month sign up in advance via Zen Planner

Athlete’s Responsibility:

  • Athletes should arrive 15 minutes prior to the clinic and perform their own warm up. The clinic will provide little to no warm up as to maximize time on the lifts.
  • Athletes need to sign up in Zen Planner
  • Attend every class for each lift as they are tied together

Snatch your spot today!

Please understand that if the classes are too big, there will be an additional time slot added.

New BTWB “Tracks”

Hey all,

For those of you tracking workouts and posting on BTWB:

1. The new website released 1 December but they are still syncing the new with the old and some WODs won’t let you post, yet. Be patient and write your numbers down in a notebook until you can log them.

2. Log in to your account and below your profile picture in the upper right hand corner (hover over it) find where it says ‘Your Tracks’ – there you can choose to follow either the Starting Strength Beginner or Advanced Strength so you don’t see extra WODs that you are not going to do or post. You can always change/update this once you move to a new program.




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