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CANCELLATION: September 12th 19.00 WOD

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Today we have less than three members registered for the evening WOD. We have waited until the last minute to cancel the class due to our three hour policy for which members can sign up via Zen Planner.  We announced the launch of the evening classes and shared that classes with three or less will not be held. Our apologies to the member that registered.

More information about the structure of the late classes can be found here.

Today, the box will close at 19.00. If you have signed up for Open Gym, please understand that the 18.00 WOD has equipment priority.

Thanks for your understanding.

CFA Team




We would like to bring to your attention some upcoming changes at the box:

  1. Test run of additional WOD classes
  2. Open Gym Times

Additional WOD Classes

We would like to run a test for the next few weeks to offer two additional evening classes which Coach Nick will run. The classes will be available on Zen Planner for you to register. Please understand that if there are three or less participants, the class will not take place.

  • Tuesdays – 19.30 (August 20th & 27th)
  • Thursdays – 19.00 (August 22nd & 29th)

Open Gym Times

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will need to modify how Open Gym runs and the times.

  1. Members must register for Open Gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zen Planner
  2. Open Gym Tuesdays: 16.00 – 17.00 and 19.00 – 21.00
  3. Open Gym Thursdays: 18.00 – 20.30

If you are participating in Open Gym when a WOD is taking place please remember the following:

  1. Noise levels: keep noise to a minimum so the class can be conducted with minimal interruption
  2. Equipment: if the equipment is required for a WOD, the coach will need to ask you for it
  3. Open Gym Workout Area: Please workout in the weight room or the back room where the additional racks are located. If you need to use the pull up cage, please talk to the coach running the WOD and make sure your workout and the WOD can work well together

There are quite a few Gold Members who do have their own workout schedules / programs in addition to participating in the regular WODs and it might seem overwhelming what they are working on or the intensity at which they are training. If you’re curious…ask your fellow member what he/ she is working on. One of the amazing things about CrossFit or Weight Lifting is talking about what you do. Learn from each other and see how you could benefit from adding one or two Open Gym evenings into your workouts!

If these additional classes are successful, CFA will be looking to add them on a regular basis.

Please feel free to let us know what you think!

CFA Management

Short Notice – Fundraiser – Please Read!

Good morning CFAers,

**DEADLINE EXTENDED to Friday please leave your money at the box for Carlos or me by then!!**

Carlos has asked for our help and we are happy to join in on this fundraiser!

His old box is running a fundraiser event for a little girl who has brain cancer. They are calling it CAS vs Cancer. There are t-shirts for 30 USD. You are welcome to donate any amount but if you’d like to buy a t-shirt I need to know and have payment by THURSDAY!! Message me however is convenient and you may leave money in an envelope at the box with my name and/or Carlos’ name on it to be sure we get it.

WOD will be Saturday, April 20th:

3 rounds for time

10 DL (225/155#) – approximately 115/70 Kg

20 bar-facing burpees

30 pull-ups

40 KB swings (1.5/1 pood = 24/16 Kg)

400 m. run




WOD | Friday, March 1, 2013

_MG_0071 (2)

© Tammy St. Denis Photography

CrossFit Football Total:


In three attempts establish a new 1 Rep Max in the following lifts:


Power Clean


Bench Press


You can take as many warm up sets as necessary, but you must “Call Your Weight” to begin.  In other words you should not do a lift and then go oh that was light so it was a warm up.

Lifts should be done in sequence. If class size is too large to get through all four then coach can break the class up between the lifts.

Score is the total of the 1RM established in each lift.


0600 –

0915 – Nadine

1800 – Mike

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WOD | Thursday, February 28, 2013

430554_384685618211261_1005248722_n© Tammy St. Denis Photography

Strength Beginners:


High Bar Back Squat



(same weight for each set, perfect form)

Add 2,5kg / 1kg more than last time


Bench Press



(same weight for each set, perfect form)

Add 1kg / .5 kg from last time.

Write down your weight in your notebook.

Strength Advanced:

High Bar Back Squat



Bench Press







Run 400 meters then rest. Rest period is the length of time that it took you to run 400 meters.


Row 4x500m



0600 – Merlin

0915 – Tina

1800 – Mike

1900 OLY Clinic This Week with Nick and Todd

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WOD | Wednesday, February 27, 2013

_MG_0219© Tammy St. Denis Photography



Spend 20 minutes on the rings practicing any or all of the following:

Muscle Ups

Ring Dips

Ring Push Ups

Ring Hand Stands

Ring Hand Stand Push Ups

Use this time to work on your weaknesses and attempt as many of the movements as possible.  For those that attempt Ring Hand Stands or Ring Hand Stand Push Ups, ensure that you have a mat underneath you and you MUST use a spotter at all times.



“Rowing Fran”



Thrusters (43/30Kg)

Row for Calories

Due to limited number of rowers use heats and cycle athletes through the WOD while having the remainder continue working on skills.

Scale 1:

Thrusters (38/25Kg)

Scale 2:

Thrusters AHAP


0600 – Nick

0915 – Mary

1030-1130 Open Gym

1130-1230- Mary

1730 – Nadine

1830 – Tina

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WOD | Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Strength Beginners:




1 x 5

(use as many warm-up sets as you need, then do one very heavy set of 5 reps…reps should be touch-and-go).

Weight is +5 kg / +2,5 kg from last week

Write down your weight in your notebook.

Strength Advanced:


Deadlift from 4″ deficit *


3 RM

*set up a platform 4″ tall and stand on the platform pulling a deadlift for 3 reps



3 Rounds*:

40 Seconds of one arm KB Thrusters (24/16 Kg)**

Rest 20 seconds

40 Seconds of Strict Pull Ups

Rest 20 Seconds

40 Seconds of KB Snatch (24/16Kg)**

Rest 20 Seconds

40 Seconds of Mountain Climbers

Rest 20 Seconds

*Score is total reps

**Can switch arms as necessary




KB Thrusters/Snatch (20/12kg)

Banded Pull Ups

Scale 2:

KB Thrusters/Snatch (16/8kg)

Jumping Pull Ups


0600 – Merlin

0915 –  Nadine

 1730 –  Mike

1830 – Don

Coaches Notes:

Emphasize perfect form on the Deadlift! A loss of lumbar curve is NOT acceptable.  For new members who have not done Power Cleans yet have them try 50% of BW and adjust based on coach’s assessment.

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RCFFC 2012 – Nadine Leinweber & Nadine Moore in the top 5!

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September 15, 2012

What an amazing day! The energy was high at Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg. The judges were happy to meet and greet again when we arrived 1.5 hours before the athletes were scheduled to arrive. Our very own Mike Strauch and Don Mc Cutchen agreed to judge as well. As the athletes arrived, we were saying our hellos and getting ready to start the event. We had time to chat with each other and talk about things like CrossFit, CrossFit and um more CrossFit.

As the WODs were announced, the athletes were pumped and ready to go. Starting with Cindy and ending with grueling couplets these athletes were hungry for success. There were smiles through achieving new PRs and pride in finishing the WODs. All competing athletes succeeded in the very first RCFFC. I hope to see many of them again next year!

Nadine Leinweber’s mom and best friends joined her while Nadine Moore’s friend brought her kids  and brother to watch the competition. Monte Fletcher and his youngest, Sandra, Adrian, Tina & Daniel joined in the crowd and cheered for our gals as they fought through each WOD with professionalism and strength.

It was an amazing day and we are proud to say that Nadine Moore was in 5th place and Nadine Leinweber claimed 1st place. Congratulations ladies! You were and continue to be amazing! What an inspiration for our box!


WOD June 25, 2012


Barbell Complex:
1 Snatch-Grip Deadlift
1 Hang Snatch
2 Overhead Squats

* Work to a max weight on the bar

Post Heaviest Load Lifted.


0600 – Abi & Corbin
0915 – Mary
1730 – Abi & Corbin
1830 – Todd

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WOD June 25th


Corbin – 80.5 kg
Nick – 70 kg
Jason R  & Dave – 60.5 kg
Abi – 48 kg
Nadine M & Mary – 40 kg

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