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30/30 SQUAT CHALLENGE – join us!


Tomorrow we will start the 30/30 SQUAT CHALLENGE – JOIN US!!
… and improve your crossfit training!

The squat is not just a movement or a tool for getting stronger. It is a RESTING POSITION.
It means: when I get tired from standing – I squat and not vice versa.
The squat has benefits for digestion, mobility, strength development and movement capacity and can also lead to a lot of freedom – low gate work, exploration, play.” Ido Portal

Why suffer through 30 days of 30 minutes… and why its important that you dont miss a day in between:

The human body is able to do amazing things. Given enough time, the right nutrition and the right stimuli, you could basically rebuild the whole machine.

Your body posesses cells which build other cells where they are needed and cells that break stuff down if its not needed. In order to reconstruct joints and get to your full range of motion you need to rebuild the joints which means you need to stimulate the right cells with enough intensity for an adequate amount of time. Your bone building cells for example build new stuff in areas where there is either pushing or pulling force working on the structures and cells are broken down where no such forces are. 30 minutes of force working on your hip and ankle joints are enough to get your cells to start to build stuff. 30 days in a row will be enough duration to achieve some remarkable results. Unbroken days will help your body realise that this new position seems to be an important position as well as help to program your mind to use the squat as a resting position from now on, which will help to make those changes permanent, since you will start squatting every day and prevent your cells from going into breaking stuff down again.

Just try it for a few days, you will be surprised how fast your squat will improve! Be easy on youself and really try to squat for a few minutes many times during the day… dont wait and try to.

Spend 30 min a day in a squat for 30 consecutive days.

Rules of thumb:
1. No REST days during the 30 days.
2. Relaxed spine – no need to try to remain erect or with neutral spine. Its a RESTING position.
3. Width between the feet – around shoulder width apart but should be individualized and experimented with – aim for maximal depth and relaxation.
4. How much feet should be turned out or should they be facing forward? Don’t let anyone sell you the idea of ONE perfect position – this should be individualized and experimented with – aim for maximal depth and relaxation.
5. Knee pain? Hip pain? stand up and move around. Resume the squat and work in small short bursts of squatting throughout the day.
6. Footwear? Best – barefoot. Second best – minimal footwear.
7. Keep your heels on the floor if possible. If impossible, try a small heel support until you gain the proper mobility to squat flat foot on the ground.
8. True sign of good squatting? When you get tired from STANDING – you squat and not vise versa! True story!
9. How deep should you squat? There is only one answer – DEEPER.


Challenge makes you BÄM – Elite Team im Finale

Am 02. Mai ist es soweit, das “Challenge makes you bäääm” Finale findet statt!
In der Hydro-tech Eisarena in Königsbrunn, könnt ihr live dabei sein und unsere Teams anfeuern!

Ebenfalls qualifiziert ist das CF Assault Elite Team mit Julie, Juliane, Marc und Stefan!
Mehr Infos HIER


Our Elite Athletes Julie, Juliane, Marc and Stefan qualified for the “Challenge makes you bäääm” finale!
Be there on 02.may in Königsbrunn and watch the showGood luck guys!
For more informations, click HERE

Good luck everyone!


Challenge makes you BÄM – Masters Team im Finale


Am 02. Mai ist es soweit, das “Challenge makes you bäääm” Finale findet statt!
In der Hydro-tech Eisarena in Königsbrunn, könnt ihr live dabei sein und unsere Teams anfeuern!

Das erste CF Assault Team welches sich qualifiziert hat, ist unser Masters Team mit Grace, Stephenie, Mike und John!
Mehr Infos HIER


Our Masters Athletes Grace, Stephenie, Mike und John qualified for the “Challenge makes you bäääm” finale!
Be there on 02.may in Königsbrunn and watch the showGood luck guys!
For more informations, click HERE

Good luck everyone!


Athens Throwdown Finals


Athens Throwdown Finals mit Dennis und Nick!
Am 02 und 03.Mai.2015 findet das Finale in Athen statt.
Mehr Infos hier.
Wir wünschen Dennis und Nick ganz viel Glück!


Dennis and Nick qualified for the Athens Throwdown Finals!
More Informations here.

Good luck guys!

CrossFit Assault Team


crossfit open


It will be guaranteed chaos, but I wanted to let you know what I was thinking as general scheme of how things should go.

Workouts will be announced around 0400 CET on Fridays. I will have a rough plan before the end of Friday how we will try to tackle it on Saturdays. I’ll send that to Mike to post in two places: on the CFA website and the CFA Facebook (the page, not the group). We will do the Open WODs on Saturdays instead of the normal 1030 class.

Saturdays at 1000 we will begin with an overview of the WOD, review movement standards for the judges, lay out the timeline for heats, and Coach John will talk strategy for WOD success. The goal is to start the first heat no later than 1030. ATHLETES must enter scores before 1700 PST on Mondays (0400 CET on Tuesday). I will then validate them and they will appear in the rankings. I do not enter your score for you, YOU DO.

I’m tracking the following individuals will require a certified judge: Juliane, Marc, Stephenie, Stefan, John, Monte, Jamison, Julie, and Matt S. In lieu of a certified judge, you can videotape your attempt and upload it for verification… this or a certified judge is only required if you believe you may make it to regionals. Everyone else’s judge will be well versed in the movement standards, will judge fairly, and with good sportsmanship. The biggest difference with a certified judge is that they are also liable (along with the athlete) for any intentional or unintentional errors and can be disqualified. If anyone else thinks they will need a certified judge or if you have obtained your judges cert, please let me know.

Some basics:

  • Priority will be to manage heats for those who need certified judges (right now, we know of THREE, possibly FOUR certified judges). If you have a time constraint on a Saturday and need to be late or get in the first heat, I need to know.
  • Judges will be available on Saturdays. It is up to YOU to arrange an alternate time to do the WOD if Saturday doesn’t work. Questions about who can judge you, ask me. If you do your WOD sometime other than Saturdays, I’ll also have to give you some additional instructions for your scoresheet.
  • If you are a Level 1 or are a seasoned Crossfitter, you may be asked to help judge and many of you may be asked to help with things like running the clock, collecting scoresheets, DJ-ing. But because you’re all awesome, I know nobody will have issues with this. I’ll try to have a list of random tasks ready on Friday evenings.
  • By 1000 Saturday, you should have arrived at the box, put your shoes and lucky underwear on, and be somewhat warmed up. We love you all, but we also love our Saturdays, we don’t want to be dicking around until 1700. Box will be open by 0930 for sure. There will be over 25 athletes wanting to show their stuff, we will need to be efficient.
  • If you are taping your workout, it is up to YOU to bring a recording device and appoint someone to run it.

Let me know if you have questions!
My email is for any of the requested information.

Coach April

German Throwdown Finale – Viel Glück Coach John


Am kommenden Wochenende ist das Finale des “German Throwdown”!
Dazu konnte sich unser Coach John erfolgreich qualifizieren!
Wir wünschen Dir viel Erfolg und natürlich viel Spaß John!

Uns würde es freuen, wenn ihr zahlreich zum Zuschauen in die Arena Ilshofen kommen würdet!

Euer CrossFit Assault Team.


Wir sind qualifiziert!

Am 12 – 13.Dezember 2014, findet in Zagreb, Kroatien, der “Zagreb Throwown” statt, bei welchem sich unsere CrossFit Assault Athleten für das Finale qualifizieren konnten!
Wir sind in verschiedenen Bereichen vertreten, Sports Class Women + Men, Elite Class Men, Masters Class Women + Men und Imran wird als Judge dabei sein.

CrossFit Assault wünscht allen Teilnehmern viel Erfolg und viel Spaß!

Euer CrossFit Assault Team

Beastmode Challenge


CrossFit Assault team wishes Mary and Carlos good luck and lots of power for tomorrow´s “Beastmode Challenge”
More Informations:

LAST OPEN WOD 14.5 & BBQ: Saturday, March 29, 2014

CFA Party


Come Party with Us!


Come knock out the last WOD of the Open with us, and stay to cheer on your friends, eat some delicious food, have a cold beverage or two, and celebrate all the hard work put in by our athletes this month!

Feel free to invite your friends and family! There will be an EPIC Potluck and BBQ after the heats are finished. PLEASE bring meat for the grill, drinks for the party, & side dishes or desserts to share with everyone!

For non-CFA members: Mike has agreed to cancel the usual Drop-In fee as long as you contribute to the pot luck, so bring some goodies!

So what to bring you ask? Can’t cook? Won’t cook? Easy, bring simple things like cut up cheese, wurst, fruit/ veggies, smoked fish, nuts, olives, meat or fish to grill. Athletes will be HUNGRY! or you can be fancy like Dominik and make guacamole. (Please, don’t everyone bring guacamole now.)

On to business:

Workout 14.5

For Time:


Thrusters 43/29 Kg

Bar-Facing Burpees


  • Judges – Please be at the box no later than 0915 to go over standards and criteria.
  • Athletes – Please arrive no later than 0930 to review movement standards and allow sufficient time to warm up.
  • Any box member is welcome to sign up and do the wod (you don’t have to be registered for the Open)

If you plan on doing the WOD (for the Open or not), SIGN UP on Zen Planner.

Show starts at 1000hrs for anyone inviting friends, family, random folks off the street, and anyone else that’s interested in seeing some athletes get down to business!

Childcare is available for a nominal fee. Please message or talk to Grace.

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