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New Toys – Kunstrasen


Liebe CrossFit Assault Athleten!

Wiedermal haben wir etwas neues für Euch – einen Kunstrasen!
Er wird heute zu Ende verlegt und darauf kann man viele Sachen machen.

Sprints, Sled Push und andere Aktivitäten werden von nun an noch viel mehr Spaß machen und Euch hoffentlich im Training weiterbringen!

Viel Spaß im Training wünscht Euch Euer

CrossFit Assault Team


Dear CFA athletes,

we didnt want to wait for Christmas to get you some new toys, so you are getting them now…

We hope to finish putting down the artificial turf, so we can start doing sprints, change of direction drills and sled work on it. Im sure you thought “Winter is coming” so you wont need to be sprinting for a few months… muahahahaha… no such luck.

See you at the track 🙂

your CFA team


Member Spotlight | November 2014 | Peter


Jeden Monat stellen wir einen “Athleten des Monats” vor. Unsere CrossFit Assault Coaches suchen sich abwechselnd einen unserer Mitglieder aus, die sich nicht nur durch herausragende Sportliche Leistungen auszeichnen, sondern es zählen auch die persönliche Entwicklung, Unterstützung der Community uvm.
Diesen Monat durfte sich Coach Monte einen unserer Mitglieder aussuchen und über ihn schreiben.

Peter has been a member of CrossFit Assault for over two years. He continues to push himself to become a better athlete. The great thing about Peter is, he always one of the first to support and root other members on.

                Peter’s introduction to CrossFit started in Novembe 2012, as the head editor of a nutrition web base was he searching for new trends of fitness to write an article on. Peter found some interesting articles about CrossFit and wrote an article describing the hero WOD; „Murph.“ Before releasing the story Peter decided to try Murph with a friend at a local gym. After 1.5 hours later Peter finished the WOD; sick, shaking, with bleeding hands and he could not drive his car (we’ve all been there). It was on that day Peter decided to go to a real crossfit gym promising himself to workout hard, so he could become better at those types of workouts.

Over the last two years Peter has come to realize CrossFit is a never ending journey of self discovery both metally and physically. But, according to Peter, the thing he likes most about CrossFit is the community, how everyone supports each one’s efforts and watching everyone get better each month.

Favorite WOD:  Jackie

Favorite movement: Full Squat Clean

LeastFavorite movement: Sandbag clean

Favorite WOD: Kelly

Favorite combined WOD movements: Double Under / Cleans / Pull Ups

Coach Monte

Brace yourself…WODIFY is coming


Hallo Zusammen!
Euch ist bestimmt schon aufgefallen, dass wir in der Box ein wenig umbauen.
In kürze werden dort 2 große Flat TV´s hängen von wo Ihraus  dann auf WODIFY Zugriff habt.
WODIFY ist eine Mischung aus dem bisher benutzten Zen Planner, Beyond The Whiteboard und Facebook.
Damit ihr wißt was euch erwartet, klickt den LINK an und informiert euch schon mal im Vorraus.

Nicht nur ist die Handhabung dieses Programmes super einfach und Informativ, ebenfalls könnt ihr euere Scores eintragen und somit effektiver trainieren, es werden aber auch  die Bankangelegenheiten erleichtert.

Mehr Infomationen darüber werden folgen.

Euer CrossFit Assault Team


Hey all,

in case you wondered why we put up an extra wall behind the couch, thats where our 2 big flat screens will be hanging, so that we can run WODIFY. If you don’t know what that is you can check out THIS

Basically its an all-in-one solution for membership administration, workout tracking program for all athletes and whiteboard. Its also finally a program that works with SEPA direct debiting, which means we will soon start to switch our payment process to that option. It will make our bookkeeping much easier and you don’t have to worry anymore about your automatic bank transfers running out and then have me ask you for the last 8 month of membership fees 😉 We will keep you updated as soon as we know when that payment change will happen since we still have to get through the setup process for SEPA.

WODIFY will replace Zen Planner as soon as I have everything set up, but they will send you you login details on Monday already. Im sure you will be able to do some cool stuff already, like uploading a pic and playing around with the different options. There is also an app so you can log in with your mobile toys. I asked some box owners who already use WODIFY and they all say that their members are very happy with it… it tracks all your workouts, if you forgot what your Front Squat 3 RM is you can just look it up and I think it even calculates percentages of your lifts for you. You can also comment on other members results, so it kinda works like Zen Planner, Beyond the Whiteboard and Facebook combined…

CrossFit Assault Team


New Toys – Box Development


Hallo Zusammen!
Wir haben wiedermal neues Spielzeug für Euch!
Für all diejenigen, denen die 9kg Slam Balls zu leicht geworden sind, haben wir einige Slam Balls mit 15 kg und einen mit 20 kg in der Box.
Für diejenigen, die eine Alternative zu unseren Atlas Stones suchen, haben wir nun große, schwere Slam Balls mit 50  kg, 60 kg und 70 kg da. Natürlich dürft ihr die auch slammen 😉 Slam Balls mit 30 und 40 kg kommen sobald die wieder auf Lager sind, damit hat dann keiner mehr eine Ausrede um sich for Stone Ground to Shoulder Tagen zu drücken…

Zusätzlich zu all dem, haben wir nun auch eine 36kg Competition Kettlebell für Euch.

CrossFit Assault wünscht viel spaß beim Trainieren.

Member Spotlight – Felix


“Athlete of the Month” October 2014

Felix is the CFA Athlete of the month for October for a number of reasons.
He always enters the box with a smile and ready to work. He quietly and diligently practices skills before and after the WODs. He encourages others to better themselves not by boasting or being competitive but by silently crushing WODs.
Felix was born in Neubrandenburg. He played soccer for 15 years in his hometown but upon moving to Stuttgart was searching for some new type of sport to maintain his fitness. Felix originally joined CFA in October of 2012 – Happy 2 year CF anniversary!!
He had a several month hiatus due to being out of Stuttgart for work but he has been attending regularly for a year now.
Felix likes CrossFit because of the variety of movements and that the WODs are fun! It challenges him because it is the first individual sport in which he has participated. He says, “CrossFit is an interesting and versatile sport which offers the opportunity to learn many new things, especially with the gymnastics and weightlifting”.

Felix’s favorite movements are double unders and burpees but he does not like wall balls. 🙂


PS: Felix picked a workout, wich we are going to do on Monday, 20.10.2014

The Box – March 7, 2013

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Welcome to “The Box,” our way to regularly communicate with you to share the latest information. If you have any suggestions for “The Box,” talk to Tammy, Mike or one of the coaches to share your ideas! We want to hear from you…

The last couple of weeks have been busy at the box. The CFA staff have been meeting often to talk about how to improve our gym, bringing on new Level 1s to shadow coaches and to prepare for the CrossFit Games Open 2013.


For many of us who love CrossFit, the year truly begins in March. It begins when that first WOD is announced and the anticipation begins. This year, CFA wanted to make an event out of the Open WODs. Every Saturday, starting March 9th, the Open WODs will be held at the box from 10:30 am onwards. It’s hard to determine how long the WODs will take. At present, CFA has 27 members signed up to participate in the Open! We are proud of this and hope that the members who are not signed up to compete can contribute something to support the team.

How can you support us? Every competitor needs cheerleaders. Encourage one of your coaches to finish the WOD and watch them as they are watching you each time you are doing your WOD. Bring a salad or something to contribute to the potluck that will be held every Saturday and bring your own meat to grill afterwards. We don’t intend to run off, we want to hang out after every WOD. Let’s grow our community! Can we count on you?


In March 2013, we changed the time of our first evening classes from Monday – Wednesday. We are now beginning at 17:00. While we were a little nervous that Monday’s class might either be empty or the participants late – it was incredible to walk in and see a full class! It looks like the 17:00 time will work out perfectly. Thanks to our members for being on time and participating.

During the Open, our Saturday WODs will begin at 09:00. This is to facilitate the Open WODs for the athletes. Because the Open WODs are announced on Thursday mornings in Europe, it is important that we create structure for the duration. If you are participating in the 09:00 WOD on Saturdays, please remember to be on time for that too. The class will be one hour in duration, not as long as our usual Saturday WODs but they will still challenge you!


Do you ever wonder who you should talk to about any concerns you have at the box? We’re making that easy! Here’s your “Who’s Who”:

Mike – Owner / Coach

You can talk to Mike about anything. He loves to hear your thoughts and feedback. With all the great changes we’ve had at the box in the last few months, I’m sure he’d be happy to hear how you like the new equipment etc.

Mike is working with Todd and Patrick on the overall WOD programming. If you have any feedback or questions about the WODs, please talk to Mike and let him know your concerns.

Tammy – Box Manager / Marketing / Photography

Questions about your contract? Feedback about the box? Questions about classes or any of the times? Ask Tammy. Tammy is also Mike’s backup when he’s not around. Tammy is behind Facebook and also posts on our website. Have you seen any of the photos we post? A lot of them are her work.

If you want to organize something with your work team to do a CrossFit event as “team building,” talk to Tammy about the prices and possibilities. We would love to host your gang for a soul crushing time at the box.

Nick – Head Coach / Lifting

Nick is the Head Coach at CFA. What does this mean exactly? Nick is behind the development of the coaching team and works hard to bring structure into the hour that you spend at the box. He works with the coaches to make sure they are comfortable in what they are coaching you on. If you have any feedback about the coaches, let Nick know – but let your coach know too.

Nick offers Personal Training classes to those who are interested in taking their fitness to the next level. Talk to Tammy if you’re interested.

Mary – Zen Planner & Admin

Not only is Mary a coach at the box, but she’s also behind Zen Planner and helps out with a lot of the administrative topics we have at the box. If you have trouble with your login or registering for a class, let Mary know and she can help you out.

Mary will be working with Sandy to create a strong Nutrition page for our website. Stay tuned for that coming in the near future!

Mary offers Personal Training and Nutrition classes to those who are interested in taking their fitness to the next level. Talk to Tammy if you’re interested.

Todd & Patrick – Programming Gurus

Todd and Patrick coach and program many of our soul crushing WODs. It seems easy to do, but believe me, a lot of planning goes into making sure your WODs meet your needs and challenge you.  If you have a specific movement you just love…why not talk to them or send them an email to ask if they’d add it into the programming?

CFA Coaching Staff

We have so many great coaches on our staff. Take some time to be coached by them and learn the different styles, techniques and cues they use to coach you through the movements. Ask questions and let them support you!

If you are a new member to the box, please do take a moment to introduce yourself to the coach if you haven’t met them yet. While our coaches do look out for new faces, sometimes we overlook it!

That’s it for this week! Time to move on to finalizing the plans for Saturday’s WOD 13.1.

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