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OnRamp Course | Einsteigerklasse


Unlike any fitness program you’ve ever participated in, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program which offers an intense workout to each participant – regardless of their fitness level. In order to be proficient at CrossFit, one need only begin by taking that first step and join CrossFit today. Regardless if you have many years of athletic experience or limited experience, CrossFit is something that anyone can do – age and experience do not play a role!

If you are curious about CrossFit and would like to see if its the right thing for you, just send us an Email and we will arrange an Intro session for you!

Why should you choose CrossFit and not a regular fitness studio / gym? CrossFit has very little to do with machines and everything to do with how to move the human body with its own weight or through various Olympic Lifting movements. Each CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) is lead by an experienced Coach who takes each athlete, regardless of level, through the basic movements of the WOD and will provide appropriate scaling options to ensure that the athletes will be able to perform the WOD safely.  CrossFit Coaches are not employees of the gym to guide you through how to change the pin in a weight lifting machine, to show you what circuit training is or explain what various aerobic classes are. CrossFit Coaches provide an equal amount of attention to the athletes and it is important that participants be proficient in CrossFit’s fundamental movements before joining our regular classes.

Please check out the Prerequisite Section to find out if you are good to go, or need to take the On Ramp course first.

The On Ramp course is 12 workouts over a 6 week period. You will be taught how to perform certain basic movements correctly, we will explain why movements need to be performed the way we show you and you will find out which coaching cues to expect from you coach in order to improve your movements. Every session will include a regular CrossFit Workout at the end! The skills learned in the On Ramp course are:

Warmup/Mobility:  Foam Rolling, Trigger Point Treatment, Basic Stretches, PNF Stretching, Movement Pattern Exercises, Postural Integrity, Joint Mobility/Stability

Bodyweight Exercises: Push Up, Pull Up, Squat

Basic Weightlifting: Front Squat, Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Hang Power Clean

Dynamic Exercises:  Jump Rope/Double Unders, Kettlebell Swings/Cleans/Snatches, Wall Balls, Rowing, Box Jumps, Man Makers, Renegade Rows and more.

In addition to that you get a load of information and advice that doesnt fit any of the above groupings (ie: the concept of Selective/Full Body Tension and why it is important for lifting heavy stuff safely).

CrossFit Assault Stuttgart’s On Ramp classes have a maximum of 10 participants. It is important for our Coaches to work with a small group to ensure that you are receiving the best training possible.

Cost for the On Ramp course is 140 Euros.

To reserve a spot or if you have questions, just send us an Email.



please DO NOT post your questions to the comment section below, because we wont check those regularly…


Beginner Programm “OnRamp” startet wieder – 15.September


“Stop Wishing – Start Doing” ist wiedermal unser Motto!
Werde Teil unserer Community und erlebe CrossFit von erfahrenen und hoch ausgebildeten Coaches.

Start Dienstag, 15.9.2015 – 19:15 Uhr.
Bringt was zum Trinken und sportliche Kleidung mit.

Anmeldung unter:

Was ist OnRamp? – Mehr Infos hier.

Neuer OnRamp Durchgang 26.02.2015 | New OnRamp Cycle 26.Feb.2015


Hallo Zusammen!
Am Donnerstag, den 26.02.2015 starten wir mit den neuen OnRamp Einsteiger Klassen!
Neueinsteiger sind herzlich eingeladen!
Bei Interesse, Email an:
Mehr Infos hier.

Euer CrossFit Assault Team


Hey Guys!
Tomorrow we will start with a new cycle of our OnRamp Beginners Class Program!
So if you want to join our class, you´re very welcome!
Send coach Mike an email if you wish to join:
More informations here.

Your CrossFit Assault Team

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