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BBQ Saturday | Grillen am Samstag

[english version below]
Hallo Zusammen,
kommenden Samstag (21.03.2015) werden wir nach dem Open Workout 15.4 zusammen grillen.
Bringt also mit was ihr auf den Grill schmeißen wollt, sowie etwas passendes (Salat oä) zum Teilen mit.
Bitte brint ebenfalls eigene Teller sowie Besteck mit (wir wollen ja die Umwelt schonen)
Danke und bis Samstag!
Hey everyone!
We’ll have the grill on this Saturday (march 21th) for a little post 15.4 BBQ!
Just bring the stuff that you wanna put on the grill and also a side dish if you want to! Plus bring a plate and fork/knife and then we’ll finally start the BBQ season!

See you there!

CrossFit Assault Team


Battle of London WODs 2A and 2B

Battle of London

Hello CFAers!

Some of your coaches are planning on tackling and judging the Battle of London WOD 2 (which appears to actually be two WODs in one) on Monday 11 November after the 0915 class. We will also hang out afterward and eat delicious foods. So here are the details —

What? BoL WOD 2A and/or 2B (released Sunday night) followed by some meat-grilling

When? 1030ish until we leave

Where? CFA, of course!

Why? Why not?!


Open Gym Today and Saturday WOD

Hi CFAers!!

Imran and I will be hanging out at the box rocking some heavy back squats after the 0915 today. So, the box will be open from 0900-1200 (at least!)

Also, we are coaching the Saturday WOD tomorrow and there will be BBQing! Please bring some delicious meats and a side of some sort as well as drinks if you want something other than the beers already at the box 🙂

Vera said she is brining a sweet and I am thinking I’ll make paleo apple cake so we need some savory sides / salads.

Looking forward to seeing you all … and if you won’t make it have a great weekend!

Get Beefy,

CHANGE: Saturday, June 8th – WOD Start 9:30 am

CF-PhotoShoot-201211243281 copyImage: Courtesy of Brea Darnell

Time Change & Game Plan

Saturday, June 8th, our regular Saturday WOD will start at 9:30 am.

Hugs for Time

Following the WOD, we will be having a Farewell / Bis Bald Party for Mai and her family who will be leaving us very soon. We would like to invite all our CFAers to join in to participate in “Hugs for Time” where we can have something to eat, something to drink and say our farewells to Mai – wonderful member and new coach at CFA.

If you would like to contribute to the Farewell BBQ, please reach out to Imran and / or Tina. They are organizing the WOD and other goodies. Please check the Facebook event for more info.

CFA will miss Mai very much. It’s been a pleasure to WOD with you and be coached by you, Mai!


Fundamentals at 13.00

This coming Saturday, the box will also have Fundamentals starting at 1300. The class is already full and we are looking forward to welcoming more members at the box in the very near future! Our Intro class held on June 2nd had a lot of great participants who could air squat and then survived 15 minutes of torture as their “Intro-WOD.”




WOD a Week!

Hey Gang

Hope your start to the week is a good one. There are a few things going on this week which I’d like to take a moment to review.


Wednesday is a German holiday. For our American friends, it means the Autobahn should be relatively free. For those of us living on the Germany economy and hold jobs in the German market; we will have the day off. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the weather and how amazing this spring has been so far, BUT, we’ll have an OPEN GYM on Wednesday from 12 pm – 5 pm.

I was thinking we could start up the grill and have some time to work out and hang out together. We can do CMAR-II if you wish or you could work on skills individually. We will not have a programmed WOD on Wednesday.

What do you think? Let the sun shine in the box!

BBC (Barbell Club)

Starting Thursday, May 2nd at 17.00, the BBC will begin. Remember, this class is for those Gold Members dedicated to taking their lifts to a new level. Please do not register for the 18.00 WOD on Thursday as you may not make it and it would be fair to our other members who would like a spot at the regularly scheduled WOD.

The BBC is an offering for Gold Members only. If you do not have a Gold membership and you’d like to upgrade, please talk to me about how to upgrade your membership.


After the regular WOD on Thursday, I will stay at the box for those members who would like to do the CMAR-II WOD. This would start at 19.00. If you are coming in earlier than 19.00, please remember to not interrupt the class in progress.

Feedback to “Reflection” Post

I have had quite a response to my post from last week titled “Reflection.” Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read the post, to comment online or even to me in person. It means a lot. We have a great community and I love to see the engagement!

Many of you have been asking about the upcoming events.

  • June 22nd will be the Strongman in Basel again. Once we get closer to the date, we could arrange car pools etc. to drive down and support our athletes.
  • July 13th there is a weight lifting competition which a few of you have asked about. Once I have the details, I will share them with you.
  • May 17 – 19th: The Regionals are in Copenhagen. Great opportunity to see Europe’s best!

I will see what’s coming up and we’ll keep you posted on events.

Additionally, I have been approached about visiting boxes within driving distance from Stuttgart and, as well, inviting boxes to Stuttgart to throwdown. If you are interested in doing this, let me know and once the Regionals are finished, we can begin to make plans on the next steps.

Wishing you all a WODerful week!


2013 CrossFit Open

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The 2013 CrossFit Open is right around the corner. Many of us are excited as the first WOD release approaches. This year, we are proud that we have so many of our members and coaches participating. If you’ve not yet signed up and wish to…there is still time!

Register here

CFA will be holding the CrossFit Open WODs every Saturday as an “event.” This is so great for our community! While it will be a long day for everyone, it’s going to be a lot of fun for us to work together.


From March 9th to Saturday April 6th, all Saturday WODs will start at 9:00 am instead of 10:30 am. This is to support the athletes participating in the Open.


Even if you’ve not registered for the Open, we need your support! There is a lot to do to make this work and we’d love to have your support. If you can help, contact the member of the team below or fill out the form at the end of this post.

Contact People:

Event Lead & Organization: Tammy
Head Judge & Organization: Nick
Potluck: Mai
Clean Up Crew: Grace & Tina
Equipment Setup: Marco & Don
Children / Babysitting: Tammy
Cheering Squad: EVERYONE @ CFA!!

Some important information:

  1. Saturday WODs will start at 9 am and complete by 10 am. It is important that the area required for the Open is vacated immediately to allow the volunteers the opportunity to set up. Volunteers from the Saturday WOD to help set up the athlete area would be appreciated.
  2. Dedicated Athlete / Judges Area: The actual WOD will determine where the athlete / judges areas are. We will be switching between the “stretching / martial arts area” and the “original weight area.” We will announce the Athlete / Judges area on the Friday prior to the Saturday WOD.
  3. Judges and Athletes need to be at the box starting at 9:30 am for the briefing of movements and any important information they need to have prior to beginning the WOD. The athletes will then have time to warm up.  To get into the rotation of when you will WOD, it will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis for the “heat” lists. Tammy will have the lists.
  4. Volunteers for equipment set up will need to start during the time the Judges and athletes are reviewing information.
  5. Spectators: we are happy to have as many spectators as possible at the event. They must stay in the designated areas and not interfere in the areas for the athletes. Children will be in a designated area with supervision.

Children’s Rules:

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS for the CrossFit Games Open

Gym Rules for the Box apply. In addition, the following will be in effect.

  1. CFA will provide a competent familiar person to oversee the children in the designated “Children’s Area.”
  2. This person will keep the children in the correct area and report any issues to the parent or guardian who must deal immediately with the issue at hand.
  3. If you would like to bring your child(ren) to CFA during the Games there will be a 10 Euro per family per Saturday charge as compensation / sitting fee.
  4. Please provide your child with adequate forms of entertainment to last the duration of your stay, i.e. video games, books, movie player, non-messy arts like coloring, puzzles, etc.
  5. Children are not permitted to be in the designated athlete / judges areas during the Open. It is important that parents / guardians review the rules and expected behavior with their children prior to the events.

THANK YOU CFers in GERMANY! Joe Lengel Tribute WOD

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Saturday, February 23rd was another freezing day in our never ending winter this season.  As everyone made it into the box, athletes stayed warm and the spectators even warmer.  Coffee in thermos cans, hats, gloves and winter boots seemed to be the dress code for many of us!

After the athletes warmed up for the WOD, Coach Imran divided the group into two heats and began the WOD. We all knew, from looking at the WOD itself that it would be a tough one, but our athletes muscled their way through and completed thruster after thruster, double unders, some bar facing burpees and pull ups. Ten rounds to completion…some making it in just over a half hour and others in well over an hour.  It didn’t matter, however, because we were there not only to honor a fallen CF Angel but to come together as a community, as a patch work family.

When the WODs were complete, many stayed behind to have a potluck BBQ together. Thanks to everyone who brought something to share. Thanks to Adrian, Brian and Seba for setting up the grill area for the gang! It was a successful time.

CrossFit Coca worked hard to get their quilt ready for today and they did a fantastic job. Our shirt is on that quilt, along with a few others from around Germany. CrossFit Cassel, CrossFit Mainz and CrossFit Dusseldorf shared photos and triumph! Thank you, everyone!

What a great community we have! Keep on WODding!

Joe Lengel Tribute WOD – Saturday, February 23, 2013

Join CFA in a Tribute WOD on February 23rd for a “Fallen Angel of CrossFit” We would like to organize a potluck BBQ afterwards. Background and details can be found below:

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Joe Lengel  (December 22, 1954 – November 19, 2012)

Level 1 Certification for CrossFit Trainer
Qualified at 11th in the world for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit  Games 55-59 Master’s Division.
Finished in 6th place at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games 55-59 Master’s Division.
Qualified at 8th in the world for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games 55-59 Master’s Division.

“Joe” WOD

10 Rounds for time:
10 Thrusters 95/65lb
10 Bar Facing Burpees,
10 Pull Ups
57 Double Unders

What Can WE DO?

  1. Make time on February 23rd, wear your favorite CFA tshirt and participate in the “Joe” WOD.
  2. Bring something delicious (and Paleo) for the potluck afterwards.
  3. Donations are being collected to create the tribute quilt, so perhaps a $5.00 donation is also possible.
  4. Please feel free to write your thoughts for Joe in the comments below and we’ll make sure they are passed on.

Send Your Donation

(Please send your donation no later than February 16th)


In response to the article written in Tabata Times, CFA donated a shirt to support the creation of a quilt to honor Joe Lengel who was shot and killed November 19, 2012 while opening his CrossFit Gym. The idea of making a quilt is a wonderful gift to give the Toledo box and we are proud that our shirt will be a part of it! Quilt organizer and fellow CrossFitter, Kirsten Hyland, invited us to their Tribute WOD on February 23rd. Many boxes will be doing the same WOD on this day across USA.

I reached out to the amazing CrossFit boxes we all know here in Germany, one in USA and one in Canada asking them to participate and host the Tribute WOD on February 23rd at their boxes. The response is overwhelming! CrossFit Wiesbaden, CrossFit Ansbach, CrossFit Mainz, CrossFit Frankfurt, CrossFit Pickering – to name a few – have all agreed to host WODs. I love the CrossFit Community! Amazing people everywhere.

Tragic Details:

The following excerpt was borrowed from CrossFit Toledo Intensity Fitness.

“During the early hours of Monday, November 19th, an act of unspeakable violence took the life of our coach, Joe Lengel, as he was opening our box for the morning. Joe was the foundation of our CrossFit family, and we are all mourning the loss of a great man, father, grandfather, husband, mentor, and friend. Joe’s sons, Aaron and Matt, both avid CrossFitters, created a Hero WOD in honor of their father. It’s made up of movements that Joe loved and hated (in a good way). We ask that instead of mourning for Joe, you honor and celebrate his life on Saturday November 24 and join many others across the globe by completing the “Joe” Memorial WOD. We appreciate all the kind words from our CrossFit family.

CrossFit Open 2013

The CrossFit Open 2013 is fast approaching! Take a look at the Rulebook prior to registering for the Open. CrossFit Assault Stuttgart will be running the Open WODs every Saturday from noon until completion of all athletes. Afterwards, we would like to host a BBQ to celebrate a successful day. All are encouraged to bring food and drinks! Even if you’re not participating in the Open, we need your support to cheer on the athletes competing this year!


Open WODs at CrossFit Assault Stuttgart (12 pm onwards):

  • Saturday, March 9th
  • Saturday March 16th
  • Saturday, March 23rd
  • Saturday, March 30th
  • Saturday, March 6th


If you are interested in judging the Open at CrossFit Assault Stuttgart, please send Tammy an email. All Judges must have Level 1. Please understand that Judges will have to pass an online course in order to judge the Open. More details will be found on the main CrossFit Page


Below is some relevant information for the Open:


The Open will run from Wednesday, March 6, 2013 through Sunday, April 7, 2013. There will be five workouts in the Open. One workout will be released during each of the five weeks.

1. Each workout will be released on Wednesday at 17:00 PST (GMT-8). Athletes will have 96 hours, until Sunday at 17:00 PST, to validly complete the workout and submit their results.

2. Once the workout closes on Sunday, an Athlete will not be able to adjust or re-submit any score for that workout.


There are 13 divisions for individual competitors and one division for Teams. There are no other recognized divisions beyond those listed.


i. Individual Men and Women

ii. Masters Men and Women 40-44 (Born on or between 7/15/68 and 7/14/73)

iii. Masters Men and Women 45-49 (Born on or between 7/15/63 and 7/14/68)

iv. Masters Men and Women 50-54 (Born on or between 7/15/58 and 7/14/63)

v. Masters Men and Women 55-59 (Born on or between 7/15/53 and 7/14/58)

vi. Masters Men and Women 60+ (Born on or before 7/14/53)

vii. Teams

Full Rulebook

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