We want everyone to “drink the Kool Aid” of CrossFit and are eager to help you start your first WOD in our gym. CrossFit requires a certain amount of proficiency in various movements and there are prerequisites that one must have in order to get started. We want to ensure that our participants can perform CrossFit movements safely, without endangering their health as well as that of our members. It also helps our Coaches to provide an equal amount of attention to the participants in their classes.


You are new to CrossFit or you want to check out our Box?
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The prerequisites to join our regular workouts are any one of the following:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (present cert please)
  • Successful completion of our CF Assault Fundamentals Class (with the option of also joining in an Intro Class)
  • Member of another CrossFit gym (you must tell us what box)
  • CrossFit Proficiency Test

1.      Intro class (voluntary) 
You want to learn what CrossFit is? You want to know why CrossFit  will help you  live healthier?  Let us show you why in 90 minutes!

Cost: Free

2.      On Ramp Course 
The On Ramp course is your building block for CrossFit preparation. In this course, you will learn in depth information about the CF movements including Olympic lifting, gymnastics and meet other new members! Its 6 weeks of 2 sessions per week, every Tuesday and Thursday at 1930. Once this has been successfully completed, you can choose your membership and join our next available WOD.

Cost: 140€ (payable upon registration)

For more information and course registration, click here.

3.      CrossFit Proficiency Test
In this personal session with our CrossFit Coach, you will need to demonstrate that you can perform CF movements at an acceptable standard. There will be an applicable fee for the proficiency test which can be applied to the Fundamentals course / session if your CF movements cannot be performed at an acceptable standard.

Cost: Please fill out the form below for more information.

4.      Choose  Your membership
Once you have met the prerequisite criteria, you are now ready to choose your membership! Perhaps you travel a lot and cannot commit to come on a regular basis, then consider the “10 Class Punch Card”, or if you love sports, then we recommend the “Gold Membership”.

  • Take a moment to read more about our prices.
  • Our terms of business can be found here. In German the Allgemeinen Geschaeftsbedingungen are here.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.