The 2017 Crossfit Games Open is in the books. Kai, Olly and I did the math and we are proud to announce Crossfit Assault as the Fittest Box in Stuttgart and second fittest box in the area of Baden-Württemberg

But we did a lot more than that and make sure you click on the link to get into the leaderboard we created:


We are proud of each and every athlete that took on an Open workout and fought through the challenge. We saw some first pull-ups and bar muscle-ups, some breathtaking battles between athletes and other incredible perfomances, like the one of Kate Fields being the only competitor to finish 17.3 in our box, while being in the last trimester of her pregnancy!

This year we want to honor the fittest athletes in our box.

Fittest woman in CFA is Julie Denise Hyangho who finished in 26th place in Germany followed by Kristen Chandler-Toth and Megan Rice. Kristen, who was fittest in Congo last year, placed 151st in Germany in the women’s category and 11th in the Masters 35-39 category. Megan placed 153rd and 12th respectivly. Christine Potter Chmielak took 33rd place in the “baby masters” category.

The race for the title of fittest male athlete in CFA was very close. All over Germany Nick Blum took 44th place followed by Marc Fugger in 45th place. There was just a 11 point difference between these two incredible and hardworking athletes. But Marc took first place in the internal CFA-ranking and second in the Stuttgart area ranking that we createdboth times followed by Nick and he won 3 out oft he 5 workouts. That’s why we decided to award the title of “Fittest Man in CrossFit Assault” to Marc Fugger!

Great job gentleman, you make us proud and we love you both!

In the male “baby masters” Chuck Dye and Patrick Fugger battled as well. Chuck ended up in in 72nd place in Germany and Paddy in 73rd. Also Ralph Schmieder had an outstanding 20th place finish in the Masters 45-49 category and Charlotte Metzger took an impressive and inspiring 4th place in the Masters 60+ category in Germany! Congratulations to all athletes.

Thanks again to Coach Kai Fleischer for creating an area ranking that includes the Stuttgart boxes as well as those in Esslingen, Reutlingen, Ostfildern and Ludwigsburg. First place goes to Philipp Stiegler and Josina Dutschmann from Ludwigsburg followed by Marc and Nick as well as Julie.

The 2017 Crossfit Games Open is a yearly highlight but it’s not the only competition. So stay tuned there is more to come!


26. Julie-Denise Hyangho

151. Kristen Chandler Toth

153. Megan Rice



44. Nick Blum 345p

45. Marc Fugger 356p

Women Masters 35-39

11. Kristen Toth

12. Megan Rice

33. Christine Potter Chmielak

Men Masters 35-39

72. Chuck Dye 456p

73. Patrick Fugger 473p

Men Masters 45-49

20. Ralph Schmieder