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WOD: Monday, 12 September 2016


Before class:

Foam Rolling & Basic 4 Stretches

5 minutes of rowing, jump rope or assault bike.



10x Bent knee iron cross

10x Rollover into V-sits

10x rocking frog stretch

5x each side Lunge flow

10x Squat + Thoracic rotation

10x Cossack Squat into Pigeon


5x Push-ups – 10x Scapular Push-ups – 5x Divebomber – 10x Lying S-waves – 10x Backburn



Agility Drills

2 Rounds of

Shuttle Run 40m /Lunge 40m

Shuttle Run 40m /Bear Crawl 40m

Shuttle Run 40m /Crabwalk 40m

Shuttle Run 40m /Inchworm 40m






Benchmark 1, week 2


21-15-9 reps for time of

Thurster 43/30 Kg



EMOM 15 min

3 Power Cleans 60/40 Kg

3 Front Squats 60/40 Kg

3 Push Jerks 60/40 Kg

You have two weeks to perform the workout, after that we will switch to a different benchmark workout. After 6-8 benchmark workouts we start over, so you will have a chance to retest yourself every 12-16 weeks. Submission time for the first workout is Sunday, September 18th. You must write down your score/time in the box’s whiteboard and into Wodify.

You are allowed to skip the metcon or strength portion of your WOD to perform the benchmark as long as you don’t disturb the regular class, or you can do it during Open Gym time. You must have someone to count your reps for valid submission or you can record yourself and request a review. Correct performance of the standards of movement is essential. This is to measure YOUR progress, so YOU can compare it to YOUR last score. Beating other athletes is a BONUS and NOT the main reason for performing benchmarks regularly. Its fun though, so go for it… as long as your standards of movement won’t go crappy.



For 5 cycles:


AMRAP in 3 mins of:


7 Deadlifts, 120/80 Kg

14 Burpee over the Bar


Rest 1 min between each cycle.


For each cycle restart the AMRAP.



Scale 1:

Deadlift 110/60 or 75% of your one rep max


Scale 2:

GO AHAP, standard burpees


Coaches Note:

Metcon first