Hey everyone,

…winter is coming… so we finally managed to get something that (as far as I know) no other box in Germany has: our own PATCHES.

They come in the CFA colors (thats grey and maroon if you didnt know already) and of course in multicam (thats for putting it on military gear for those of you who are wondering).

Patches CFA klein

And since not everyone owns clothes that are suitable to put velcro patches on, we sourced some great fleece hoodies in grey. The hoodies come in 2 versions (light and heavy fleece). I brought one of each version in every size (S,M,L,XL,XXL) so go ahead and try them on.


If you want one, you can put your name on the list (ask Olli or Dennis where the list is).

For each hoodie you order, you can order a grey patch for half price (5 instead of 10 Euro). All additional patches are for the regular price of 10 Euro.

We have patches at the box, but the hoodies have to be ordered (the ones at the box are only to check your size and are not for sale).

So put your name into the list, I will order as soon as there are enough names on the list 🙂 I will order again in the future, but it all depends on getting a reasonably large order, because of the shipping costs so get your hoodies now, just to be safe 🙂