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Niki Benac is a yoga teacher, blogger and founder of the blog, Yoganiki. She teaches and practices classic Hatha Yoga according to the teachings of Swami Sivananda.
The aim of her yoga classes is to provide a balance to the CrossFit-Workouts, to combine CrossFit-Training with the practice of yoga. Since yoga is a compliment to CrossFit-Training, it’s important for Nikki to communicate with the Cross-Fit coaches. 

Niki was trained by Anandaprema and Parameshvara Mario Esposito. She regularly attends workshops for yoga teachers in order to further her education and she organizes yoga classes focused on coping with stress. She also teaches yoga in various studios and at various companies. She is practicing and teaching an integral yoga with Asanas (yoga-positions), the art of Pranayama (breathing-techniques), Yoga Nidra (the sleep of the yogi-deep relaxation techniques), and the nutrition of yogis.

Her yoga classes take place every Sunday at 1200 and are highly recommended.

For more information and to register for Nikki’s class, write to: