Clean up after yourself:

    • put your equipment back to where it belongs when you are done with your workout
    • wipe down any bars you used (disinfectant is in the spray bottles), if you taped your hands, make sure you get ALL the tape residue off the pull-up bar because in combination with chalk it will form sharp, hard ridges
    • use plenty of disinfectant if you happened to be bleeding
    • if you spilled chalk, clean it up
    • take your water bottles home with you
    • put your marker chalk back and wipe your notes off with the dry scrub (not wet because that will leave an even bigger mess once it dries up)

Use of chalk:

    • all the chalk is supposed to do is keep your hands dry. Too much chalk will actually increase the wear and tear on your skin, besides making a mess.
    • When you chalk up your hands do it INSIDE the bucket, not all over the floor. And NO, your WOD time will not suffer from the 5 seconds it takes you to walk over to the bucket to re-chalk your hands, because you can do that while catching your breath.

Dropping weights:

    • Even bumper plates have a limited number of times you can drop them, before they start breaking. Dropping weights is an EMERGENCY measure, if you MISS a lift. Its not supposed to be done just to make your everyday WODs easier. Especially with the 5kg plates, the bar can jump sideways quite a bit, so there is a potential for injury to the people around you! If you can get the weight up in a controlled way, you can get it down. There are exceptions i.e. Jerks or if you are doing a qualifier WOD for a competition…and of course if you miss a lift dont try to save it…DROP IT!
    • Always use bumper or technique plates for overhead lifts, the small plates will break if you drop them since they have a metal core.
    • NEVER drop an empty bar!


    • During class, all kids need to stay in the designated kids corner and keep the noise level low enough so the coaches can talk normally when giving instructions. Staying in the corner is absolutely essential to their safety and to guarantee a clear work space for the members.
    • Before and after class you can let your kids use the equipment as long as you make sure they are safe, treat the equipment with respect and are not in the way of other members that are working out. Always keep in mind that its a gym, not a playground and there might be sharp edges and power tools and its YOUR (not the coaches) responsibility to make sure your kids stay safe.
    • If your kids make a mess (food, chalk, toys) clean it up before you leave.
    • Kids are not allowed to use chalk outside of the kids corner (yes that means no hands inside chalk buckets and no artistic drawings on the floor)


    • We all respect people that work so hard that they leave sweat angels on the floor after their workout and of course you can workout without a shirt on.
    • If you want to crash out on the floor, bring a towel to lay down on. If you dont have a towel, clean your sweat angel up with some disinfectant when you are rested enough to get up again.
    • If you want to crash out on any of the mats you MUST put a towel down, because we cant get the sweat back out of the mats and we cant use disinfectant on the leather!
    • Use common sense and clean your sweat stains if you are a heavy sweater and drip all over the place.

Bad weather

    • If your shoes are wet/dirty, take them off and put your gym shoes on at the door. Dont walk through the gym in dirty shoes, you wouldnt want people walking through your house like that either.