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Most commercial gyms will not explain the reasons for their price structure… but CrossFitters are obviously different. First of all… this box was created and grew into its current form because of the love the people involved have for CrossFit, not because we wanted to make money.

Yes… compared to a regular 24 hour gym, we might be considered “expensive.” There’s no shower, sauna… damn not even a bar where you can get a protein shake after your workout. There are no expensive machines either…so why is the membership priced the way it is? Easy… it’s because our coaches actually COACH you.

If you have further questions, send email to: michael@crossfitassault.de

Membership Costs





12 Month (monthly rate)



6 Month (monthly rate)



1 Month (monthly rate)



10 Card


Drop In (cost per class)


* See below for spouse’s discount structure

Duration and Membership Descriptions:

We offer three different lengths of contract:12 month, 6 month and 1 month. The shorter contracts have a significant change in prices. There are two reasons for this: Commitment and Community. One of the important aspects that makes CrossFit not only fun, but also effective, is the community we have. Our members know each other by first name, take interest in each other’s lives both in and outside of the gym and help each other in any way possible. We try to integrate new members into this community from the first day on and want to help them with their change to a healthier lifestyle and reach their fitness goals. This however is nothing that can be achieved in a couple of months (yeah sorry… no 6-pack abs in 4 weeks)…it takes commitment! That’s why we encourage long term goal-setting and our standard contract is for 12 months. This will give us (and you) a fair chance at changing you into someone who is stronger, fitter, healthier and happier…and looks better naked. Coaches will spend a proportionally longer time with members in their first few weeks and month at the box, so in order to be fair to our long term members, your membership fee will be higher if you only sign up for a short term contract. CrossFit is a lifestyle.. but we understand that some people don’t want to commit long-term right away, so we are offering the short term options as well.

Here are the benefits to the various membership tiers:

Gold Membership:
This is the complete program:

  • As many WODs as you can handle in the month.
  • Open Gym privileges to work on your weaknesses, practice your olympic lifts, improve your mobility or just hang out with other athletes.
  • Additional program offerings by CFA without cost or at a discount

This is the membership option recommended for everyone serious about improving their functional fitness and changing to a healthy lifestyle. 70% of our current members have Gold membership.

Basic Membership:
This entitles the member to:

  • 2 CrossFit WODs per week…every week. (members are not permitted to accumulate WODs and do more than two per week. Consistency is important when you are working out and we want you to come in at regular intervals.)

This membership does not include:

  • Open Gym
  • Discounts on additional program offerings by CFA

The Basic membership is recommended for members who are already participating in another full-time athletic program and want to use CrossFit in addition to that, in order to improve their General Physical Preparedness.

Spouses and families: 
“Couples who CrossFit together, stay together!”

We encourage integrating your whole family in the CrossFit lifestyle. So if more than one member of your family signs up, everyone after the first member gets a 20% discount to their monthly rate when they sign up for the same level of membership as the primary contract holder.

10 class punch card:
If you are a frequent traveler and don’t know when or for how long you will be in our area, we offer a 10 class punch card. It will allow you to participate in 10 CrossFit WODs over a duration of 3 months. This membership is not entitled to any gym discounts, nor is Open Gym in the contract.

If you are just passing through or want to give us a try first before signing up, you can always just pay the drop-in fee. The drop-in fee can be used to participate in a WOD or to use Open Gym, but not both. The drop-in fee is also applicable if you are visiting from another affiliate box.