Chris Kourtinatos (ERYT-500) is a writer, yoga teacher, co-founder of Kenosis Yoga, and creator of the YOD (Yoga of the Day) for Crossfit. He combines three decades of yoga practice along with over two decades of group fitness and outdoor leadership experience into his teaching. His signature style is an ashtanga-inspired mix infused with humor, kick-your-asana power flow sequences, and longer stretches for a deep opening of the body .
Chris was trained by master teachers Doug Swenson, David Swenson, and Tias Little (to name a few). He currently teaches at various studios in Germany, as well as teaching workshops and events around Europe. Chris has written for or appeared in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine, Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal, Brahmaloka or Bust, Flow Yoga Magazine, YogaWorld (Greece), Joga ABC (Poland), LA Yoga, Integral Yoga Magazine, Yoga Journal Online, and Politico and his work has been translated into German, Greek, Polish and Spanish.
He is also an avid skier, rock and ice climber, mountaineer, and adventurer. Chris is a 22 year veteran of the US Army and has deployed to Iraq and Sudan.