Hey all,

starting next week we will introduce a different warm-up and will keep it as our warm up for at least 1 month, probably 3 month at the most.

My intention is to always give our athletes the most bang for the buck when we are doing things. Thats why I chose our dynamic warm-up as our basic warm-up. We did this for a long time now and all members are familiar with it. So now its time to expose you to some different ideas so you will have some more tools for your tool box and with experience eventually you should be able to pick the movements that suits your current situation best, depending on your fitness level and the workout you are warming up for.

Once you are comfortable with the new warm-up, we will start alternating between the two warm-ups and eventually introduce yet another warm-up version and so on.

Dennis was so kind and produced a video that explains the whole workout. I will give you all a chance to look at it, before we start doing it tomorrow.