Hey all

Father Christmas brought us 2 Texas Power Bars. You can see in the picture where their spot is, please put them back there after using them.

I want everyone who does HEAVY lifts (140kg and up) to use those bars!!! (yes, you can use them if you are not lifting that heavy, but if someone else wants to lift heavier, let them have the bar).

Of course if someone tries for a Clean in that weight range he can use the normal Oly Bars, but for Jerks from the blocks, Deadlifts and Squats the Power bars are better because they are built for heavier weights (600 kg) and you can put them on the rack without worrying if you are scratching the rifling, since we won’t be using them for Snatches.

So just to make it clear: I don’t want to see anyone doing heavy Deadlifts with other bars than the Power Bars… unless you are using your personal bar, then you can do whatever you like.


Power Bars