Hey folks,

TJ is back and I think we worked out a great way to make the best of his coaching skills!

For those of you who don’t know TJ, he spent 8 years as a Green Beret and 2 years as a paratrooper. He has been doing Crossfit for 8 years now and 4 years Olympic Weightlifting. For the years he was an assistant strength coach at the 10th Special Forces group compound and he still continues to coach and intern there. (Actually Patrick, TJs first weightlifting coach who ran the THOR program for the 10th Special Forces Group in Boeblingen, used to coach Olympic Weightlifting at our box even before TJ came to Germany).

During that time he had plenty of opportunities to pick up coaching cues and learn programming, proper movement techniques, weightlifting and progressions. He has coached CrossFit at CrossFit SOCO and weightlifting in Afghanistan, Germany and the US. He also enjoys competing in weightlifting when he has time.

TJ will run his own classes and occasionally help out with the regular CF classes as well.


These are TJs new classes, starting this Monday (7 Dec 2015):

Strength & Conditioning (Tue 1815, Sat 0900):

Tuesday and Saturday will be strength and conditioning that will have a focus on building strength, it will mirror what he used to do, which is a combo of everything.

Athletic Movement (Mon 2000):

The Monday class  will focus on building athletic movement, thats agility, sprinting and plyometrics. You will practice a movement then it will be combined with a crossfit workout at the end.


Currently those classes are open to everyone, but since they are specialty classes, they may be restricted to Gold Members if too many people want to take it.

Please make sure you sign in for TJs classes, even if you already signed in for Open Gym. We need to see how many people are actually taking each class, to decide if we keep it!

Cheers and welcome back TJ!

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