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WOD: Thursday, 19 November 2015

Warm Up:

Foam Rolling & Basic 4 Stretching

before class


Dynamic Warmup

Top of the Head Drill – Knee Grab

Top of the Head Drill – Froggie

Top of the Head Drill – March

Toe Grab

Elephant Walk (Hands and Heels)

Mountain Climber Walk

Lunge Complex (Forward-Lateral-Backward)


Weekly Special:

30 sec Sledgehammer Strikes one side


30 sec Sledgehammer Strikes other side

Do your 30 sec of strikes, then rest until everyone else is done with their first round. Then switch hands and do another 30 sec of strikes. Work on good form, but try to go as hard and fast as you can.



Seal Roll – Bridge – V-Up Complex (10 reps)



Wrist Conditioning

1 minute Frontline Drill

1 minute Backline Drill

3 x 10 Handstand w/shoulder touches

(Beginners: 4 x 1 Minute Handstand Hold)

Wall Walk up as high as you can, then alternating L&R touch your hand to your shoulder. If not strong enough touch opposite elbow or just raise your hand of the floor. Keep strict full body tension.





Thrusters 43/30 kg

Pull Ups


Scale 1:

Thrusters AHAP

Ring Rows


Scale 2:

Goblet Squat & Press AHAP


Coaches Note:




0600 – WOD

1200 – BBC

1800 – WOD

1930 – On Ramp

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