old man profesion

WOD: Thursday, 5 November 2015

Warm Up:

Foam Rolling & Basic 4 Stretching

before class


Dynamic Warmup

Top of the Head Drill – Knee Grab

Top of the Head Drill – Froggie

Top of the Head Drill – March

Toe Grab

Elephant Walk (Hands and Heels)

Mountain Climber Walk

Lunge Complex (Forward-Lateral-Backward)


Weekly Special:

Muscle Up Drills Week 3:

Descending sets of 10-8-6-4

Start with a black rubber band (depending on your weight of course) and do 10 reps (Pull & Transition, NO dip). Then decrease the band size with each set. If you end up with the tiny orange band for your set of 4, then do an additional set where you attempt a strict MU without assistance.

Start each pull with your arms extended as far as possible. Keep your False Grip.

Use what you worked on during the last 2 weeks and keep the correct technique, even though it will feel much easier with the band… this is the challenge: keeping good technique and not getting lazy with the help of the band.



Seal Roll – Bridge – V-Up Complex (10 reps)



Weighted Pull Ups 2-2-2-2-2

(Beginners: sets of 2 Ring Rows or other progression)

Increase your weight/difficulty every set.



Death by… EMOM, time cap 10 minutes

2 Squat Cleans (80/55 kg)


2 Squat Cleans (80/55 kg)


2 Squat Cleans (80/55 kg)


2 Squat Cleans (80/55 kg)



Scale 1:

Squat Cleans AHAP

Knee Tucks


Scale 2:

Hang Power Cleans AHAP

Explosive Situps


Coaches Note:

The workout continues until you cant finish the reps within the minute. If you fail early, feel free to do a few extra rounds with a difficult but not impossible rep scheme until the time cap. Your score is your total reps until you failed the first time..


0600 – WOD

1200 – BBC

1800 – WOD

1930 – On Ramp

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