Hey folks,

Pavlos told me its not a good idea to store the barbells vertically, since this will lead to the oil running out of the ball bearings. So I used this opportunity and put up some Rogue gun racks, which will hold the bars horizontally. One rack holds 12 bars, this one is for our regular Oly bars. Please put the 20kg bars on top and the 15 kg female bars on the bottom, as in the picture below:



Then we have another rack for 6 barbells next to the jerk box, which is for the personal bars of our members. If you didn’t buy your own bar and left it at the box, don’t touch those… unless of course you have the explicit permission of the owner of the bar to use it. If you have your own bar and would like to leave it at the box so you can use it, ask me and I will assign you a spot on the rack if I have one left.



Finally we can now put all the regular old bars into the left vertical bar holder and all technique bars into the right vertical bar holder as shown below. We have 4 small technique bars (7 kg each) and 2 full size technique bars (10 kg each).



The maximum load for technique bars is 5 kg per side for the small bars and 10 kg each side for the full size bars! They are made of aluminium and will permanently bend if overloaded or repeatedly dropped. They are called technique bars for a reason, so if you want to use them for a workout then you can’t drop them unless its an emergency and you have to make sure to not exceed the loading limit.

If you are only doing slow strength lifts, please use the old bars (left vertical bar holder) so that others can use the Oly barbells in case they want to do Olympic lifts. If you are using a rack for your lifts (bench press, squats etc) DO NOT use the Oly bars, since the rack holder will damage the rifling on the bars!

Happy lifting 🙂