Hey all,

in case you missed it the first time we announced it, here it is again. Please sign up as fast as possible if you want to attend since the cut off date is right around the corner and we need 10 athletes to run the seminar:


September 19-20 (2015) @ CF Assault in Stuttgart

Advanced Programming Course for Military Athletes



The programming seminar is a total immersion experience. Be prepared to study and train hard.

Scheduled Courses 2015
Advanced Programming Course for Military Athletes


  • September 19-20
  • 2 days, $1000 USD (minimum 10 athletes)
  • Crossfit Assault in Stuttgart, Germany


This advanced, intense and hands-on instruction is designed for coaches, trainers and civilian athletes interested in taking ownership of their own fitness, or learning how to program for elite, hybrid athletes.

This 2-day long, theory-intensive seminar is focused solely on program design and implementation. In addition to classroom instruction, it includes two intense training sessions.

This ability will extend beyond designing general physical fitness programs. You’ll learn how to get “mission specific” with program design – for example, how to design a “sport specific,” multi-week program which will train up an athlete to be able to attend a specific selection, prepare for a specific mission profile, or pass a PT test.

This course is not appropriate for inexperienced, unfit athletes or coaches unfamiliar with classic strength training, work capacity conditioning, hybrid training and olympic lifting.

This course is offered periodically at Military Athlete in Jackson, WY, and also at other locations throughout the country. We can also travel to your location for a custom-course.

2 days
Minimum 10 athletes

Please email rob@militaryathlete.com with questions.