Hey all,

Nick and myself will be driving to Croatia for the Adriatic Throwdown tomorrow (Scaled & Masters division). Before I go I wanted to give you some updates for the next 2 weeks, since I won’t be back from Croatia until June 1.

Mirko will coach a Kettlebell class this and next Thursday at 1930. THESE TWO classes will be free for all Gold AND Basic members and the current On Ramp members. Mirko just passed his Strength First Kettlebell Level 2 certification, so this is your chance to get some Kettlebell love.

Also: On Ramp members, you will get next weeks Yoga class on Tuesday at 1815 for free.

Due to the German & American holiday on Monday, there will be no 0600 class.

We have started a BBC class on Tuesday mornings, which means Coach Don will start at 0530 with the BBC and try to squeeze in the regularly programmed WOD/Metcon from 0630-0700.

The BBC with Pavlos on Wednesdays 1830 will resume June 17, because he is on vacation.

I think thats it…

See you all when I get back from Croatia.