Hey all,

just like every year since CFA started, we will be doing Memorial Day Murph this year again… just not on Memorial Day.

We will run Murph on Saturday 20 June, with a Scaled and an Rx version. The scaled version will be without the vest. Only Rx times will be allowed on the Wall of Fame, but everyone else can scale down as far as they want, so box Push Ups and Ring Rows are fine.

If you want to order a Murph 2015 shirt, then have a look HERE. You don’t have to register individually, you can just send me an Email with how many shirts you want and the sizes and I will order all the shirts together. I need your order by the end of Sunday 17 May.

You will also find the movement standards on the Murph Challenge website.

Starting time is 1030, Beer and BBQ afterwards 🙂 … (we might squeeze the movie Lone Survivor in there somewhere as well)