Hey athletes,

you might have met our new member Mirko already… he’s the happy fellow playing with the kettlebells every time he is in the box. And there is a reason for that… besides that kettlebells are cool tools to develop overall athleticism (which of course is why you can find them regularly in our WODs). Mirko is preparing for his Strong First Kettlebell Level 2 certification. Most of you won’t have a clue what Strong First is, its Pavel Tsatsouline’s new company. Now at least SOME of you should know who Pavel is… if not, try Google. Let me just put it this way: if you are into strength and mobility you really need to read Pavels books.

If you don’t have time to read (shame on you) or like hands on practice more anyway, here is your chance:

Mirko will coach a short (3-4 hour) Hardstyle Kettlebell workshop at our box. Its free for Gold members, Basic members 20 Euros (you all can reserve your spot through WODIFY as usual) and if you are not a member but are interested, send me an Email (michael@crossfitassault.de) and I will see if I can find a spot for you.

I would advise you to NOT do the regular WOD at 1030 if you want to join the KB workshop, since there will be a lot of work involved (hence the name: workshop).

You should wear something that protects your knees… Turkish Get Ups with bare skin on rubber mats will get painful if you are doing many reps… and there is a good chance that you will do many reps.

The workshop is on Saturday 18 April and starts at 1200… be ready for 3-4 hours of learning the secrets of kettlebell training.

By the way… Mirko will also start coaching a regular kettlebell class each week pretty soon, so if you are interested in that, showing up for the workshop is a good idea 😉

Mirko 3