WOD 15.1 IS HERE!!!! Those of you who wanted barbells are getting PLENTY!


Athletes should plan to be at the box and somewhat warmed up before 10:00 a.m. we will review the WOD, heat assignments, and movement standards AT 10:00 a.m. If you need an exception to this timeline please email me at aprilverlo@me.com otherwise there is no time for personal explanations when you feel like rolling in.


General plan: we will run heats of 5 athletes each (3 male, 2 female) starting at 10:30 am. Heats will be 30 minutes each and we will go until completion. We will adjust as necessary. When you arrive at the box, please sign up for your desired heat on the clipboard that will be next to the computer. Also sign up for the heats you’re willing to judge another athlete. Designated warm-up and athlete personal item areas will be the Oly room and the turf. Unless you are WOD-ing, keep yourself and your stuff in these areas, we will be using both the gym floor and the cage… Yoda help you if you get in the way of another athlete during their WOD.


Due to no volunteer speaking up, there will be NO official BBQ/potluck tomorrow in conjunction with the Open. If you want to bring something that needs prepping or cooking you will need to arrange with Mike and Ayla to use the facilities/grill at the box.




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