winging it

WOD: Monday, 12 January 2015

Warm Up:

Foam Rolling & Basic 4 Stretching

before class


Dynamic Warmup

Top of the Head Drill – Knee Grab

Top of the Head Drill – Froggie

Top of the Head Drill – March

Toe Grab

Elephant Walk (Hands and Heels)

Mountain Climber Walk

Lunge Complex (Forward-Lateral-Backward)


Weekly Special:

10m Dragon Walk

Once through the monkey bars



Seal Roll – Bridge – V-Up Complex (10 reps)



Frontline Drill 2x1min, Backline Drill 2x1min

 Wrist Conditioning


Beginners: 4 times of 1 minute Handstand Hold (chest facing wall)

Advanced: 4 times of 1 minute Handstand Hold (2x toe drill, 2x heel drill)




Man Makers


Scale 1:

Man Makers from knees


Coaches Note:


Man Makers: This workout is scored by total weight lifted. Multiply your reps with your weight..choose wisely.



0600 – WOD

0915 – WOD

1700 – WOD

1830 – WOD

1830 – Barbell Club

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