CFA Team Throwdown

Dear CFA Athletes,

On Saturday, December 20, we will be hosting the first ever CFA ‘Team’ Throwdown.
Teams for the December 20th Throwdown will consist of 1 x Female and 2 x Male members.

All CFA Members are encouraged to build or join a team and complete 3 Team WODs competing against your box-mates.

We encourage you to build teams with those athletes that you regularly train with. For example, the 0600 class should be able to build 3 to 4 teams, a couple of teams from the 0915 class, etc…

Don’t be intimidated…this event is for everyone!
The WODs will include basic movements that everyone is familiar with.

The 20 December/ Saturday session will be held from 1000 to 1200, so prepare accordingly. Instructions will begin at 1000 sharp, so get there early to warm up with your team.

As you build your teams, please use this post to add your team members and Team Name. If you are a without a team, don’t worry, let us know and we’ll assign you to one…but you might not like the team name we give you :).

Starting tomorrow the programming will include one Team WOD per week until 20 Dec. Take this opportunity to develop your team and the strategies needed to beat the CCC (CF Competitors Class) teams.

Get excited! This will be fun!
Grace and John