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WOD: Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Warm Up:

Foam Rolling & Basic 4 Stretching

before class


Dynamic Warmup

Top of the Head Drill – Knee Grab

Top of the Head Drill – Froggie

Top of the Head Drill – March

Toe Grab

Elephant Walk (Hands and Heels)

Mountain Climber Walk

Lunge Complex (Forward-Lateral-Backward)


Weekly Special:

5 Wall Walks

4 x 3  “High” Box Jumps (usually 30/24”)



Seal Roll – Bridge – V-Up Complex (10 reps)



Perform 1 set each of the Squat, Push Up and Pull Up series.

The correct tempo is absolutely essential: 2121

Don’t rest between sets.



3 x 500m Row, alternating partners



‘Team’ WOD:

Teams of 2 x male and 1 x female (coaches adjust as necessary):

8 Minute Time Cap

As a team:

While somebody is rowing for calories, complete

120 Wall-Balls (20lb for men, 14lb for women, 3 meter target for all)

and then

120 Box Jumps (24″ for men, 20″ for women).


Scale 1

Wall Ball 14/10 lbs

Box Jumps 20/10″


Scale 2

Goblet Squat & Press

Box Step Ups AHAP


Coaches Note:


3 rounds of 500m row, rest as long as the rower is occupied by your teammates. Adjust flywheel resistance and cadence every round to find whats best for you.



– The rower must be moving for other team members to throw wall-balls or do box-jumps.  (someone is always rowing on the rower, partners can switch out as much as desired or not).

– All 120 wall-balls must be completed before box jumps begin.

– Only one wall-ball can be moving at a time (That is, 2 people cannot simultaneously do wall-balls.  If a male is throwing a 20lb ball, then the 14lb ball must be on the floor.)

– Only 1 box per team (females can either do 24″ or adjust the box to 20″ as required, but then it has to go back to 24″ for the male)

– There is no requirement for minimum rowing, wall-balls or box-jumps per team member.

Team Score is Wall-Ball reps + Box-Jumps + Calories rowed.



0600 – WOD

0915 – WOD

1700 – WOD

1830 – WOD

1830 – BBC

0900-1930 – Open Gym

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