Hallo Zusammen!
Euch ist bestimmt schon aufgefallen, dass wir in der Box ein wenig umbauen.
In kürze werden dort 2 große Flat TV´s hängen von wo Ihraus  dann auf WODIFY Zugriff habt.
WODIFY ist eine Mischung aus dem bisher benutzten Zen Planner, Beyond The Whiteboard und Facebook.
Damit ihr wißt was euch erwartet, klickt den LINK an und informiert euch schon mal im Vorraus.

Nicht nur ist die Handhabung dieses Programmes super einfach und Informativ, ebenfalls könnt ihr euere Scores eintragen und somit effektiver trainieren, es werden aber auch  die Bankangelegenheiten erleichtert.

Mehr Infomationen darüber werden folgen.

Euer CrossFit Assault Team


Hey all,

in case you wondered why we put up an extra wall behind the couch, thats where our 2 big flat screens will be hanging, so that we can run WODIFY. If you don’t know what that is you can check out THIS

Basically its an all-in-one solution for membership administration, workout tracking program for all athletes and whiteboard. Its also finally a program that works with SEPA direct debiting, which means we will soon start to switch our payment process to that option. It will make our bookkeeping much easier and you don’t have to worry anymore about your automatic bank transfers running out and then have me ask you for the last 8 month of membership fees 😉 We will keep you updated as soon as we know when that payment change will happen since we still have to get through the setup process for SEPA.

WODIFY will replace Zen Planner as soon as I have everything set up, but they will send you you login details on Monday already. Im sure you will be able to do some cool stuff already, like uploading a pic and playing around with the different options. There is also an app so you can log in with your mobile toys. I asked some box owners who already use WODIFY and they all say that their members are very happy with it… it tracks all your workouts, if you forgot what your Front Squat 3 RM is you can just look it up and I think it even calculates percentages of your lifts for you. You can also comment on other members results, so it kinda works like Zen Planner, Beyond the Whiteboard and Facebook combined…

CrossFit Assault Team