Hey all,

after your introduction to basic Plyometrics, we will start on Monday with our new cycle, working with basic bodyweight strength training…Calisthenics. This doesn’t mean you should stop working on your Plyometrics, but we won’t do them as part of our regular programming anymore. You all know the basics by now and whoever gets to the point of being able to do 5 x 3 rebounding hurdle jumps can show me…and he/she will get the next higher level exercise shown to work on.

Because not everyone will be at classes where I am coaching and because I don’t want to waste time going through the basics every class…instead I would rather use that time to correct your movements… I will be trying a new format: youtube videos…

They will not be fancy and may include some mistakes, but they will show you the most important points and you can watch them as often as you need and whenever you want… and then ask your coach specific questions if anything is still unclear.

There will be updates to the first video, where I talk about why you should do bodyweight strength training and how to progress through the movements, so it might be a good idea to check this website or our youtube channel regularly.

Here is the first series, which we will work on during the first week: