Hey everyone,

since Nick will be going home in a few days, I know many of you were wondering how the BBC will continue.

Fortunately for us, TJs work schedule is not as packed as it used to be, so he agreed to take over the BBC. His approach will be slightly different than Nicks, but it will still be al about getting you better at lifting heavy shit overhead 🙂

Im sure TJ will update you on the details during the first few classes, so I am just giving you a rough overview on some changes:

  • BBC class times will change from next week on to Monday and Wednesday @ 1830, plus an additional class on Saturday @ 0830.
  • TJ will be able to cover most classes, those he can’t cover will be held by Mary, John or myself.
  • The programming will be ongoing and start at a basic level, so if you are new to Olympic Lifts this is a great time to join the BBC.
  • You might be expected on some days to work through the daily program by yourself (as a class, without a coach).
  • Every day will feature accessory movements done in a CF Metcon format, so you will even get your cardio in 😉
  • Im sure TJ has lot more to tell you, but I will leave that up to him…


First day of TJs BBC is 20 October @ 1830.