Spirale Muskelketten

Hey everyone,

on Saturday at 1200, you have a chance to join me for an Intro workshop in the Spiral Stabilization Method by Dr. Smisek. You can read about it HERE but the page contains so much information that its not very user friendly… thats why we arranged the Intro workshop. Tom explains the whole thing much better 🙂

The Spiral Stabilization Workout is a system that works on reactivating and integrating the body’s muscular chains, which will not only result in a healthier posture, but also improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your movements and decrease overuse injuries.

Tom will present this hands-on introduction to the system which only requires a simple rubber band. He is a Naturopath and has been using the System for quite a while, with amazing results.

I have started working out regularly with this system as well and think its worth your time to give it a shot.

The Intro workshop is free 😉 but please sign up for it on Zen Planner.