Hey all,

I just wanted to explain this again… even though it should be common sense:

If none reserves a spot for a certain class (by 2100 the day before the morning classes) and 2 hours before the classes in the afternoon/evening, then the class might get cancelled. You cannot expect a coach to drive to the gym, if none reserved a spot, just in case someone shows up anyway. This usually isn’t a problem with the late classes because someone always reserves a spot, but 0600 and 0915 sometimes get cancelled because none reserved a spot for it. So if you have been standing in front of a locked door, or saw that the class you wanted to go to in the morning suddenly isn’t on Zen Planner any more, you need to reserve your spot ahead of time… don’t count on someone else to do it.



PS: that being said, tomorrows 0915 is cancelled.