guys yoga

Hey all,

Chris will be teaching his Power Yoga classes regularly on Tuesday evenings from next Tuesday on (29 July). Right now the class is scheduled from  1800-1930. We might push the Tuesday classes around a little if enough people who are doing Barbell Club would join the Yoga class on a regular basis, since the current schedule would force you to choose between the two classes.

As usual we are always trying to find the best way for the most people, but unfortunately we are rarely able to make everyone happy 🙂

Depending on how many of you are showing up, we might do the class in the Dojo room. There will be a sign-in sheet for the Yoga class somewhere, so if you don’t see it, ask me 😉

Class fee is as usual:

Gold Members – Free

Basic Members – 5 Euro

All others – 10 Euro

See you Tuesday