Hey all,

we have  finally figured out to how to streamline the registration process for your classes. In order to make it work I will outline the new process below.

This change is effective immediately:

1. You do not have to reserve a spot for a class ahead of time. However in case the class limit is reached, those who reserved their spot will get one, the remaining spots will be open for the first ones who sign in at the gym.

2. Whether you reserved a spot or not it is MANDATORY to sign in through Zen Planner at the gym as soon as you arrive. This is the case for ALL classes (Open Gym, WOD, Barbell Club, Yoga…)

3. To sign in, all you need to do is click on the drop down menu (top left) and choose the class you want to take part in. Then you click on “+ check in member”, type in a few letters of your name and select your name from the menu that appears. Thats all!

4. If you are doing Open Gym, there is a class slot for that as well, its called 0600 Open Gym. Open Gym now has a slot ranging from 0600-2200 in Zen Planner hence the 0600 time. Open Gym hours are still only during the announced hours, but this way the check in is easier for everyone). Signing in for Open Gym is MANDATORY as well. Remember, only the Gold Membership includes Open Gym. Coming to the box 30 minutes early to work on mobility etc. is not considered Open Gym, just sign up for the class you came for.

5. If for whatever reason you don’t have a Zen Planner profile, or no currently running contract and cannot sign in, you will be considered to be a “Drop-in”. If there is a legitimate reason for you being unable to sign in, talk to me (michael@crossfitassault.de) and if that is indeed the case I will refund you the drop-in fee. DO NOT start arguing with my coaches, they cannot make any exceptions.

6. Drop-ins will still sign in on the paper sheet that says “Drop-ins” at the front desk and pay the coach 20 Euros before the workout. NO EXCEPTIONS. Thats to insure my coaches don’t get in trouble with me because someone forgets to pay after the workout.

7. Each coach will check if everyone in his class has signed in BEFORE he starts the class. If you haven’t signed in, he will either tell you to go do it, or he will do it for you. In any case, this will earn you a late sign in penalty of 25 Burpees, due before you can join the class. The second time that happens it will be 50 Burpees, the third time 100. It will stay at 100. Don’t be the idiot that spends the first 10 minutes of every class doing Burpees….

8. Basic Membership now includes the option of coming to the Barbell/Weightlifting Club as part of your 2 classes per week. This used to be only for Gold members. I won’t guarantee that it will stay this way, but as long as it doesn’t get too crowded, we will run with it. You need to sign in for Barbell Club, just like for any other class.

9. Try to update your profile on Zen Planner with a picture. Its a lot nicer for new people, if they can see some names with the faces of those they will do the workout with.

Its all really simple… sorry it took so long until I figured it out 🙂