CFA – MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – coming soon!!

Each of our athletes has a story. Why and where the CF bug bit is unique to each athlete. As coaches we watch our athletes develop and hone their skills, increase their mobility and even their confidence in their lives. Not every athlete wants to be a Rich Froning or an Annie Thorisdotir, but they do want to be the best they can be.

Athlete of the month:

Starting in July, a CFA coach will select a CFA Athlete of the month. Selection of an athlete is subjective but substantial – meaning the selected athlete does NOT need to have the best Fran time or even their name on the wall. Coaches will considered such things as the most improved, hardest working, dedication to their skills, best form, how they support the other athletes, and of course there is always fastest Karen time or the heaviest C&J.

This isn’t a popularity contest. This is an opportunity to “spotlight” you – the CFA athletes.

The selected athlete of the month has the option to select a WOD for a Saturday class during the following month. In collaboration with the coach of their choice the athlete can choose an existing WOD or work with their selected coach to create a WOD.

Thank you all for being great athletes!