Hey all,

because a lot of coaches are gone over Memorial Day weekend and I am away in Austria for a workshop, we aren’t able to cover all the usual classes.

Currently we will have these classes:

Monday: 0600 & 1700, Grace and John plan on working out in the morning and if they do, there will be Open Gym during that time. Check the CFA Facebook Group for updates. Marc will be opening again for Open Gym at 1530 unless sth happens to him 😉

Tuesday: 0600, 0915, 1730 (Weightlifting), 1930. Open Gym as usual from 1530 (thanks Marc) until the last coach leaves.

Saturday May 31: I have no coach so far, because most of us will be going to the CMAR finals to support Mary and John, who will be competing. So google the Cry Me A River competition and reserve yourself one of the last FREE tickets and join us for some fun… watching other athletes work their asses off 😉



PS: I will make it easy for you… heres the LINK for CMAR

gym closed