WOD: Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Warm Up:

Foam Rolling & Basic 4 Stretching

before class


Dynamic Warmup

Top of the Head Drill – Knee Grab

Top of the Head Drill – Froggie

Top of the Head Drill – March

Toe Grab

Elephant Walk (Hands and Heels)

Mountain Climber Walk

Lunge Complex (Forward-Lateral-Backward)


Pillar I

Seal Rolls

Bridge & V-Up


Pillar II

Back to Back Pulls

Buddy Rows

Wheel Barrel (1 full circle with alternate hands, each L&R)

Wheel Barrel (1 full circle with double hands, each L&R)

Back to Back Squat

Toe to Toe Squat


If an exercise is too advanced, stick with last weeks easier version.



Frontline Drill 2x1min, Backline Drill 2x1min, Wrist Conditioning


Beginners: 4 times of 1 minute Handstand Hold (chest facing wall)

Advanced: 4 times of 1 minute Handstand Hold (2x toe drill, 2x heel drill)




Sadiv Deadlifts – AMRAP 12 min

Post load and number of reps to comments.


Coaches Note:


Those who have done the Sadiv Set Deadlifts before, adjust the weight according to your last score, so that you lift between 20-40 reps.


Load a bar with 60-85% of your 1 rep max. Set a timer for 12 minutes and do as many reps as you can. You can do the sets as a single rep or as many as 3 reps. Just ensure you come to a complete stop at the bottom of the movement and each rep is done as fast as possible. Your first rep and your last rep of the 12 minutes should look the same. Concentrate on moving the bar as fast as possible with perfect form. Remember you are training something you can’t see; Motor Unit Recruitment. The greasing of the gears. The more of these units that are called upon during exercise the stronger and faster you will be. The optimal way to initiate recruitment is through lifting a heavy load as fast as possible.



0600 – WOD

0915 – WOD

1700 – WOD

1830 – Movement

1930 – WOD

1530-2030 – Open Gym

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