Hey all,

because a lot of my coaches (me included) are on the road somewhere in May, I wasnt able to cover all the regular classes during the period 1-9 May.

The following classes have been cancelled:

Thu 1 May: 1900 – WOD

Tue 6 May: 1930 – Movement

Wed 7 May: 1830 – WOD

Thu 8 May: 1800 – WOD

Fri 9 May: 0915/1800 – WOD

I might still be able to find someone for Fri 1800, but dont hold your breath. I will announce it if anything changes, but you will always find the actual classes on Zen Planner (when you register for your spot).

If one of your favourite classes has been cancelled, take this chance and give another day/time a shot.

As for Open Gym during those days, please use common sense. Generally there will be Open Gym between two evening classes, but not until long after the last class is done.