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WOD: Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Warm Up:

Foam Rolling

before class



The basic 4, before class

Banded Ankle

PVC Pass Throughs


Movement Patterns

Monster Band Walk

Squat Matrix



Front Squats

Find your 1 RMD @32×2 (1 rep max of the day), then start with 70-80% of that weight and perform sets of 3 up to your 3 RMD. You may not increase the weight by more than 5 kg each set.

Finally with 70-80% of your 3 RMD weight, do 2 sets of 5 reps @ 30×1





Slam Ball 6/3 kg

Hang Power Snatch 30/20 kg

Push Up


Scale 1

Slam Ball 6/3 kg (pickup)

Hang Power Snatch 20/15 kg

Knee Push Up


Scale 2

Knee 2 Chest Situps

Hang Power Clean AHAP

Wall Push Up


Coaches Note:



Slam Balls: Reps only count if you can catch the Ball on its rebound. So SLAM hard. S1 (pickup) allows you to pick the ball up from the ground and the rep still counts.

Hang Power Snatch: can be done with a Clean grip.



0600 – WOD

0915 – WOD

1700 – WOD

1830 – WOD

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