Here it is… the last one of the bunch: 14.5

Some helpful suggestions and friendly warnings:

1. If your judge cannot see that a rep is definitely past the required range of motion, its a no-rep. So its probably not the best idea to wear a wide T-shirt, since it might cover the crease of your hip (Thruster depth) and whether your chest is actually touching the ground or just your shirt…(Burpees). I know, guys can just take off their shirt, but the girls might want to prepare for that…or take off their shirts.

2. Speaking of ROM, make sure you work on your lats and your ankles. This is a very long workout with a lot of Thrusters. It will definitely teach you the need for postural integrity and efficient technique. If you dont use the Front Rack position… ah fuck it, you have heard me talk about that time and time again… now you will have to pay.

3. For some of you this workout may be too much to finish… there wont be a clock to save you. Remember that form comes first and dont hurt yourself. Dont be THIS guy:

The guy actually wrote me and asked me to take the link down. I told him to take his video off youtube and get a REAL coach. He took his video off….

I hope he gets a new coach too.

In all fairness, its most likely not his fault. But his “coach” and his judge deserve to be kicked in the nuts… really hard.

See you tomorrow,