Front Squat


 Rx WOD:

10 Rounds

5 Hang Power Clean @ 48/35 kg

10 Pull Ups

20 Double Unders

Warning: Uncontrolled Bar Drop Penalty – 10 Burpees (on the spot)

Scale 1:

Hang Power Clean @ 28/18 kg

Banded Pull Ups

Tuck Jumps

Scale 2:

Injury Related Scaling


0600 – Mike

0915 – Mike

1800 – Monte

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Coaches Note:  

  1. Hang Power Cleans should be at a “medium” heavy weight. First few rounds of HPCs should be unbroken.
  2. Dropping the bar in an uncontrolled manner (anything from higher than hip, OR if bar bounces sideways) will cost the athlete an IMMEDIATE 10 Burpees before he can continue with the workout.